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Stafford’s Biz Future

Those of you interested in getting a glimpse of Stafford’s plans to promote the county as a businesses location might want to attend tonight’s special Board of Supervisors’ meeting. The fun starts at 7 p.m.

Scheduled speakers include local economic gurus Chris Chmura, William Beale and Don Newlin along with Deputy County Administrator Tim Baroody. Together, they should give the board a useful assessment of the local economy and suggest what Stafford can do to take advantage of it.

Staff claims this meeting was contemplated before news arrived that Northrop Grumman plans to move its headquarters to the D.C. area, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that came up.

Again: Board Chambers, County Administration Building, 7 p.m. Tonight!


  • MAVRICKinc

    Are cameras being allowed in the meeting, or can we see what’s happening in Stafford from our arm chair with a televised viewing?

  • MAVRICKinc

    I watched the meeting from my armchair, turned the volume up to 100% but couldn’t make out anything being said by Board members or podium presenters. Silent pictures went out a long time ago. When is the Stafford BOS going to catch up with today’s demand for hearing the truth, even if the meetings are scripted and staged for the benefit of those who wish to tune in to how governments work or don’t work. The filming of this meeting will disclose that only a few people showed and their attendance met only with their agendas, not the County.

    Why knock on the door of government transparency and accountability when there is no one to answer the door, and if there is an answer, only the muted show up to mouth words that can’t be heard, much less understood.

    With all the money spent to position the Stafford BOS, why is it we can’t hear them, except through a filtered communication line; aka-Free Lance-Star?