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Beiler is Back

Back in the news, anyway. The former Falmouth supervisor told me that his "controversial" memo referenced in my previous blog post will be posted on the county website shortly. I’ll link to it when I see it up. He wanted me to put up the portion of the memo referenced by Cord Sterling at the last board meeting. Here are a few paragraphs to give you a better idea of the context. Here it is:


Members of the Democratic/environmentalist/populist coalition basically have two useful options: 1) abandon Stafford politics for the next several years for more fruitful pursuits; or 2) follow the strategic example of the Republicans. That is, conduct an unrelenting guerrilla war of confrontation over the next four years, keeping a public spotlight constantly trained on the majority and its dirty deeds done in behalf of friends and benefactors.

Some quisling fifth columnists in the Democratic Party are reportedly calling for its two remaining supervisors to support the repeal of BPOL. That would be equivalent to the Marines immediately surrendering Mt. Suribachi after having paid a very dear price for it. The Democrats now have the hard-won high ground on the tax issue. They should use that vantage point to shove the Republicans’ thoroughly irresponsible and untenable campaign platform straight down their throats – immediately, completely, incessantly and eternally.

Schedule a BPOL repeal hearing for January 1. Vote against it, but make the GOP choose between bankrupting the county, causing a crisis in local services, shafting the homeowner or owning up to their electoral deceit. They called those who favored a moderately corporate approach (Osborn, Egan) “liberals” during the campaign. Force them to wear the scarlet “L” by their own definition. Refuse to vote for any tax increase to make up for lost BPOL revenues. Make the Republicans do their own dirty work. Show the voters what their new leadership is made of.

Or crawl back into your hole and never bother to come out.


  • Stafford21

    Mr. Beiler appears to put partisan gamesmanship above county fiscal solvency. By his own admission he wants to force the new majority into impossible choices just to win an election. whatever happened to statesmanship in this country?

  • Bumpy

    if it bit him on his populist derriere.

    He did worm out of this one…

    And his elitist/populist BS is just more divisive politics from the puppet master in Stafford dirty politics.