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Supervisors Go Down Swinging

Some quick and dirty notes from last night’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

1) County real estate taxpayers will not be getting tax rebae checks form the county. That proposal for using the surplus cash was tabled. Treasurer Laura Rudy said it would have given the average homeowner approximately $100. Commissioner of the Revenue Scott Mayausky said the proportional rebate would have returned $10,000 to $50,000 to the county’s largest property owners and corporations.

2) The Beiler Letter

Former supervisor David Beiler, who is currently an appointee to the Economic Development Authority, is also a political consultant. He worked on both Joe Brito’s and Doug Filler’s campaigns this year. Beiler wrote a Memo detailing his thoughts on November’s election results. It is one man’s studied take on the race–not the sort of analysis you usually see after a local election.

The memo was widely circulated, and Supervisor Cord Sterling brought it up at last night’s meeting before and after the board voted to use surplus money to fund a retirement benefit trust for school and county employees. Sterling and his fellow Republicans did not vote in favor of using the cash for that purpose. The line Sterling quoted from the memo was: "make the GOP choose between bankrupting the county, causing a crisis in local services, shafting the homeowner…" Sterling used the line to summarize what he called "guerrilla tactics" proposed by Beiler and employed by Democrats on the board. To be fair, Beiler does use the term "guerrilla war of confrontation," but he uses it as a description of Republican tactics over the last two years. He suggests the Democrats might want to follow that example as they move into the minority.

What does the memo actually say, you ask? Well, you’ll probably find out. The board voted 4-3 to post the letter on the county’s website. George Schwartz, Bob Woodson and Harry Crisp voted against. I don’t see it up there yet, but I’ll link to it when it shows up.


  • Fredtastic

    This is getting interesting. Why would Beiler put out a letter like that? What’s his end game here? He’s the political strategist. Is he trying to plant those seeds of doubt about the GOP into the minds of voters?

  • Stafford21

    Clearly the memo shows beiler and his democratic clients put party above their own community. To think they would bankrupt a county to serve their political agenda. Very disappointing