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Looks like Lorraine Gardener is making good on her promises. Gardner’s house abuts the famed SPCA property off Andrew Chapel Road. She was perhaps the most vocal opponent of the project and during public hearings suggested that she would file lawsuits if the SPCA was approved. It was approved, and she did. Today. Against the Board of Supervisors.

I don’t have details on the suit, but I understand it challenges the county’s newspaper advertisement of the conditional use permit. Pretty typical for a lawsuit against the board/county. 


  • dicerotops

    He is using his property to help save dogs and cats. He went through the county procedure, and in the end, the county felt that it was in the best interest of all of Stafford to give Bill Hoyt a chance in making good on his promises. Sorry – get over it.

  • 4merss

    Actually, she has the same rights to enjoy her property and protect her child. The county can’t say that it wasn’t warned.

  • Stafford21

    which is why she is under investigation by her own agency for using her IRS position to try and influence the Board.

    Is this the Democrats new approach to advancing their beliefs?

    Paul Ortiz takes money from industry is is supposed to oversee and Ms. Gardner uses her IRS position to bully local authorities

    so much for democracy