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EZ Access to Campaign Finance

The Virginia Public Access Project, a nonprofit organization that tries to make campaign finance information readily available to Virginia citizens (read about them here) has added Stafford County to their list of local elections they track. It’s part of their "Local Elections Initiative," and you can see all the covered cities/counties here.

Check out Stafford here. Looks like a potentially useful resource, with donations broken into categories and even displayed in graph form. Can’t beat that.


  • crumrinegl

    I am getting real sick and tired of the County Board’s Democratic leadership’s weak attempt at smearing the one Republican member of the board that has had the strength of will to stand up to them. Instead of sticking to the issues, and answering to the citizens of Stafford, they turn to mud slinging. This is just another political ploy

  • crumrinegl

    The Dems complain about Paul’s ability to raise financial support. Well, maybe if they were more intune with the citizens they represent, they may get a little more financial support. Every time they beat him down, the citizens respond with more contributions. Hmmm, a smart man would figure this out…

  • USMC4

    Your “source” is Mr. Ortiz? That is like asking Bernie Madoff if he committed fraud. Of course he will deny.

    With regard to the Hatch Act, why not ask Mary Larson with the US Special Counsel’s office who was investigating Mr. Ortiz late last week? Where is his letter from Special Counsel exonerating him?

    With regard to contributions, just look at his campaign disclosure. He took $1000 from a defense contractor–the industry he is supposed to oversee.

    I guess Al Capone was also innocent since that is what he claimed.

  • Harpoon

    We need more investigative reporting on campaign finance. Follow the money holds as true now as it did decades ago.

    Milde’s money is coming from developers and companies–even out of town ones. What are they buying?

    Egan’s worse. If you want to know what she’s going to do, watch which way the wind is blowing. First she said she would tell the source of all donations. Then she stopped doing so, because she said she needed the money.

    Guess both Milde and Egan have a price. Those are the kind of politicians we’ve have anough of.