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Meeting Notes — The Dog Days

While much of the time and attention at Tuesdsay’s board meeting was devoted to the SPCA, there were a few other items that might be of interest to Stafford residents.

1) The other public hearing of the evening considered rezoning a parcel of land just south of the new Stafford Hospital Center from A-1 to B-2. The 53-acre parcel is can be found at 75 Old Potomac Church Road. The planning Commission recommended approval, as did staff, and it seems the proposed uses were consistent with county plans for development in the area–offices, retail and medical offices. Supervisors voted 6-1 to approve the project, with Woodson voting against. The only thing that seemed to hang up the process (and only very briefly, at that) was a somewhat intricate buildout plan that required multiple roads being built for ingress/egress, including a possible four-lane intersection with Rt. 1 south of the skating rink at full build-out.

2) Supervisors once again discussed a bylaw revision that would make it more difficult for board members to vote on an issue if they have received an associated campaign donation. Also known as the "bribery" issue. By me. When we last saw the board acting on this item, they passed an Ockham’s-Razor version proposed by Cord Sterling. Joe Brito brought it back up and County Attorney Joe Howard worked on a catch-all version. All versions can be ogled here. The version that passed was the one originally proposed by George Schwartz two meetings ago. The language is lifted from Loudoun County and mostly deals with donations from entities that could benefit from land-use decisions. It passed 5-2, with Milde and Brito voting against.

3) For those keeping score, 52 people spoke during the SPCA public hearing. 34 were in favor of the CUP, 18 were not.