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SPCA? SP…C You Later!

Since I’ve gotten calls from both George Schwartz and Paul Milde today I thought I’d better go ahead and get this out there.

Avid readers of the print edition of the FLS might recall a recent full-page, full-color ad in the paper for the Stafford County SPCA (Tuesday’s Stafford Extra). The ad contained a call for SPCA supporters to come to the public hearing on Aug. 18. I think that most people, including me, assumed that the Board of Supervisors would hold the public hearing and vote (or defer) on the SPCA’s Conditional Use Permit at that meeting. Not so fast…

The agenda has not been set or advertised, and board chairman Schwartz has decided he will not put the SPCA hearing on the agenda. He’s the chairman, it’s his prerogative. Milde has accused Schwartz of pulling the item from the agenda.

Schwartz’s response:

"I didn’t pull it because it was never on the agenda. It was an expectation by Milde and Bill Hoyt. Based on that expectation, Hoyt purchased a full-page ad in the Free Lance-Star."

Milde’s only recourse would be to hold a special meeting of the board, convene a quorum and take an affirmative vote to add it to the agenda. Unfortunately for Milde, he missed the window of opportunity to legally do that. He will add it as a discussion item to the Aug. 18 agenda and said the public hearing could happen as soon as Sep. 15.

"He’s left us in a situation where we can’t get together quickly enough to keep it on track," Milde said of Schwartz. "It is a blatant attempt to frustrate and even punish the proponents of the SPCA. It’s incredibly disrespectful to all these people."

"Part of the reason I did it," Schwartz said, "is that a private citizen doesn’t set the agenda. There should be no expectation that something will be on the agenda until the county sends out a legal notice. Until that happens, no one can say something will be on or off the agenda-particularly a public hearing."


  • morganne

    that he didn’t put it on the agenda is that George is a jerk!

  • cassandrasdaddy

    whens he up for election? or not

  • FrankieB

    There are many questions that are unanswered with respect to the SPCA. Among them is who is the applicant nd what is the relation between the property owner and the SPCA. Who has the 501 (c) 3 permit? How will the millions of dollars be raised to build and operate the SPCA? The Master Plan says the operating cost will be $2,500,000 annually. Where will such funds come from?
    There are renovations and new buildings to be capitalized.
    How will this be accomplished?

  • aepsweet

    This note is in response to morganne’s post. Please, let’s remember to be respectful in our choice of language. Decorum is always in order when publically discussing issues of interest to all citizens.

  • dicerotops

    Schwartz did it because he wanted to teach a private citizen a lesson? What a lousy, immature reason. If he had concerns, then he should have spoken with the citizen and explained the process instead of announcing it would not be on the agenda at the last minute so that it’d be impossible to put it on in time. There was ample notice that people thought this to be heard on August 18.

    What I don’t understand is why officials have been so against a facility that will save the county money! And will serve the citizens at no cost to the county! It boggles the mind. This is not a partisan issue, its just about a man trying to help out some animals.

  • crumrinegl

    County Board Democrats at it again. Well folks, it is time the Borad listens to who DOES set the agenda. The people who voted them in can vote them OUT. Don’t bother looking for higher office either. Your records are stained, and we have a long memory.

    The people want the shelter. Stop dragging your feet!