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Playing the Field

Tomorrow is primary day, and all of Stafford’s eyes are on you, Hartwood! Well, mine will be, anyway.  Hartwood Republicans are offering the only primary for supervisor this year. It’s between Gary Snellings and Tim Dwight, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month. Or anywhere other than Hartwood. The following is what I’ve heard so far. Apologies for improper spellings – some of this info came to me via whisper.


Joe Brito (I)*

Gary Snellings (R)*

Tim Dwight (R)*

Sean Goss (I)*


Doug Filler (D)*

Susan Stimpson (R)*

Mark Osborn (I)*


Paul Milde (R)*

Irene Egan (I)*

Paul Ortiz (I)**


Mark Dudenhefer (R)*

Laura Sellers (D)***

(R) = Republican

(D) = Democrat

(I) = Independent

* = Filed for the election, per the county registrar

** = Confirmed his candidacy with me

*** = Will run, per Dudenhefer


Please also note: Brito, Milde and Dudenhefer are incumbents. Candidate list subject to change. The filing deadline is 7:00 p.m. Tuesday June 9. Get out and vote!

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