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Two veteran Spotsy supervisors announce retirement

Veteran Spotsylvania County Supervisors Emmitt Marshall and Benjamin Pitts, who have served a combined 48 years, announced today that they would not be seeking reelection in November.

Meanwhile, Lee Hill District Supervisor Gary Skinner announced he would be running for reelection this year.

“We’ve still got a lot to accomplish, and I want to be part of it,” said Skinner, who has been a county supervisor since 2008.

Marshall noted that he set a county record by being elected nine times to the Berkeley District seat. “It’s a record I’m proud of,” said Marshall, who is in his 34th year on the board.  “But I’m really proud of the people I represented. They are the best group of people that anyone could possibly represent.”

He said he hopes the person who replaces him will work as hard he did for his constituents.

Pitts, who has represented the Battlefield District for 14 years, praised Marshall before announcing his own retirement from the board. “You understand one word, and that word is compromise,” Pitts told Marshall during board member comments. “That is a word that very few people see in government today, and that is one of the main reasons government is failing the citizens it represents.”

 Pitts said he’s made a lot of friends in his years on the board and that he enjoyed serving residents.