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Spotsy Planning Commission recommends loosening restrictions on business banners

Spotsylvania County businesses could have up to two banners anywhere on their property, based on a recommendation tonight by the Planning Commission.

Planning Commission members voted 6-1 to loosen Spotsylvania’s restrictions on banners, with Cristine Lynch dissenting. She said temporary signs along parts of Route 3 have made “our community look like a junk heap.”

Currently, just new or relocated stores can have banners—defined as signs made of lightweight fabric or similar material—anywhere on their property for up to 90 days after opening.

But many businesses are displaying them despite the county’s current rules. Spotsylvania cites them only if it receives complaints.

Lynch unsuccessfully proposed banning so-called sailboat signs, freestanding banners that resemble the sails of small boats. She called those signs “the tackiest of the tacky.”

Two residents also spoke against the proposed banner ordinance during a public hearing.

The Board of Supervisors, which has final say, will consider the revised banner ordinance early next year.

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