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Spotsylvania may allow chickens in residential areas

The Spotsylvania County Planning Commission Wednesday evening discussed a proposal to allow chickens in residential lots.

County staff made several recommendations, including that people in residential areas be allowed to have no more than six chickens. Staff is also suggesting that the county mandate shelters for chickens in residential areas and not allow them to roam freely.

The Planning Commission agreed with those recommendations.

Local homeowners associations can still prohibit chickens, even if the county passes a law permitting them in residential areas.

Spotsylvania Supervisor Paul Trampe requested that the county study the issue.

The Planning Commission probably won’t hold a public hearing on the topic for at least another few months.

Spotsylvania currently allows chickens on lots of at least five acres in agricultural and rural zoning districts.

Chicken ownership has grown in popularity nationwide as people look to raise local food; many localities have passed ordinances allowing residents to raise hens.

The Fredericksburg City Council has been studying the issue and also may allow city residents to own honeybees.

Correction: This blog initially reported that Supervisor David Ross had asked the county to look into the chicken issue. It was actually Supervisor Paul Trampe.

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