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Quiz: The year in Spotsy

It looks like my quiz widget has disappeared, probably from lack of use. But as the year draws to a close, I thought I’d check and see who’s been paying attention.

Since we’re lacking the widget, I’ll just post the questions here and the answers in a later post. No peeking!

Also, what do you think were the biggest stories in Spotsy this year?

1. The former GM Powertrain plant came into the news when officials from the Civil War Trust expressed interest in buying the land. This land has historic importance because:

a. Stonewall Jackson’s arm is buried there.

b. Part of the Battle of Fredericksburg took place here, with 9,000 casualties.

c. It was the site of the first South victory, as General McClellan’s troops won despite being outnumbered by General Lee’s.

d. It was the location of an iconic photo of Ulysses S. Grant.

2. The State Route 3 widening project hit a few snags when:

a. VDOT announced budget cuts, including massive cuts to this project.

b. A series of extreme weather occurrences hit the area, stopping roadwork and damaging the pavement.

c. The contractor repeatedly cut telecommunications lines, leading to fines and a lengthy halt to the project.

d. The width of the roadway did not meet FAA guidelines for emergency airplane landings, leading to a federally mandated stop work order.

3. On April 5, supervisors voted to keep the tax rate at 86 cents per $100 of assessed value. Critics showed up at the next meeting complaining that:

a. The low tax rate would mean severe cuts to county services.

b. The board voted a week early on the budget.

c. The board was supposed to hold a third public hearing before voting.

d. The vote included adding 20 more firefighters, which critics thought was unnecessary.

4. A landowner’s request to shave $2 million off his proffers created a stir late in the year. The public hearing for this request will have to be held again because:

a. The landowner didn’t show up for the first hearing.

b. The hearings weren’t advertised in the paper.

c. Paperwork was missing proving that notice had been sent to adjoining landowners.

d. Other developers protested the request.

5. In November, the Board voted to increase the fire and rescue department by 52 new positions, at a cost of $5.5 million. Before that, the county spent how much per person on fire and rescue?

a. $113

b. $47

c. $220

d. $93