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Connors decides against recount

Here’s what Hap Connors had to say about his decision not to ask for a recount:

My campaign tried to inspire and tap the aspirations of the people of Chancellor District, so that we could continue to work together to build a great and vibrant community here in Spotsylvania.  I still seek to fulfill that goal; however I will have to find other creative and positive means to achieve it. 

I congratulate Tim McLaughlin on his victory.  Although the margin was extremely close, I have decided not to ask for a recount.  I have concluded that my chance of prevailing in a recount is highly improbable, and that such a recount would only delay the final outcome.  Instead, I want to encourage my supporters to unite behind Mr. McLaughlin and the new Board.  The voters have spoken, and the Board deserves the opportunity to implement its agenda.  I offer my best wishes, and I hope that our County will continue to prosper and succeed.