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A GOP Response to Hap Connors

Spotsylvania Republican Committee Vice-Chairwoman Patty Mellott responded today to Chancellor Supervisor candidate Hap Connors’ comments from last week:

“We were dismayed that, instead of talking about how to lower taxes, lessen foreclosures or lure better paying jobs to Spotsylvania, Hap Connors decided to lash out at those of us not even on the ballot.

“I live in Chancellor and am one of Hap’s constituents. I have experienced firsthand how he has raised taxes year after year only to hide it during election years like this one. I have seen many small businesses leave the county as their taxes were almost doubled, while all Hap talked about was how he could spend more of our money and our children’s money. And finally, I can no longer remain silent as Hap attempts to position himself as ‘non-partisan’ by hiding his past Democratic Party leadership history and his continued support of Democratic Party candidates, including John Kerry in 2004 and President Obama in 2008.

“I suppose this proves he really does think endorsements matter–when they are from liberals or other Democrats. But we are conservatives, we believe in smaller, more accountable, more transparent and more efficient government. We are proud of our Republican representatives and I know our candidates look forward to working with them after they are elected for the betterment of Spotsylvania.”