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Statement from Hap Connors

Hap Connors, Chancellor supervisor candidate, just put out this statement:

“Tim McLaughlin, Steve Thomas and their partisan pals are giddy about receiving endorsements from Washington politicians in Congress, which has an approval rating of 14% (Washington Post, 10/5/11). By accepting these endorsements, they are promising to bring to the county the kind of nasty partisan Washington-style politics that has produced gridlock, high unemployment, market uncertainty and a lower credit rating for our nation.
“I’m proud to say that I have not been endorsed by anyone from Washington, nor have I solicited their endorsements.  I am also proud to say that I have not solicited or received endorsements from any political party, making me the true Independent in this race.  Washington and Congress are the LAST places I want to emulate, and today’s political parties have failed us.  They are more interested in promoting partisan agendas than working together to find solutions that help people.  The partisan bickering in Washington has gotten so bad that they can’t even agree on disaster relief for our region’s earthquake victims.  It’s so bad that they couldn’t agree on how to organize a one-car funeral.
“While McLaughlin, Thomas & Co. invest their time and energy chasing endorsements in Washington, I am investing my time and energy bringing people together to find solutions to the challenges we face. I have supported smart growth policies that have preserved battlefields and open space. (Recently, this group called smart growth initiatives “socialist” and a “U.N. conspiracy.”)  I have fought for budgets and policies that cut $60 million in spending during the recession and cut BPOL taxes for small business owners, while investing in great schools, public safety and transportation. We’ve kept taxes low (22-cents lower than Stafford) and INCREASED our credit rating. (They opposed these budgets and funding for schools, public safety and transportation.)
“By any rational measure, these are good results! That is why I’m endorsed by LOCAL people, teachers and business leaders, with whom I have worked to create jobs and build a better community. These are the people who live and work here.  These are the people I am working for, and these are the endorsements that count every day.”