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Wittman endorses Spotsy candidates

And the endorsements continue. Here’s an announcement from the Spotsylvania Republican Committee:

Rob Wittman, Congressman for Virginia’s 1st Congressional District, has endorsed Al King, Republican nominee for Commissioner of Revenue; Ann Heidig, Republican nominee for Livingston supervisor; Jerry Logan, Republican nominee for Courtland supervisor;  Tim McLaughlin, Republican endorsee for Chancellor supervisor; and Paul Trampe, Republican endorsee for Salem supervisor.

“I am pleased to endorse the entire slate of Spotsylvania Republican candidates for the Board of Supervisors”, Wittman said.  “Ann Heidig, Tim McLaughlin, Paul Trampe, and Jerry Logan all understand what it takes to create an environment where job growth can happen.  Now more than ever, Spotsylvania County needs leaders who understand this.”

Wittman also endorsed Dawn Shelley, candidate for School Board in Chancellor, and Kirk Twigg, candidate for School Board in Livingston.

“Rob Wittman is beloved by those he serves, especially in Spotsylvania”, said Spotsylvania GOP Chairman Steve Thomas. “If ever there was a common sense conservative, he is one. We are excited he has made common cause with the common sense Conservative candidates here in Spotsylvania.”

Thomas concluded, “Congressman Wittman has done a great job fighting for lower taxes, less regulation, more jobs and less spending in Washington. Our candidates will fight for those very same things here in Spotsy.”


  • Steven Thomas

    I’m not fighting for anything except a better place to live and the ideals I stand for. As are we all.

  • Jeff Spicoli

    Steve, you come into this story like you own it, you desire to control it. Aint gonna happen bro. You’re gonna meet voters like me, that don’t care if theres a ‘D’ ,’R', or ‘I’ next to the Horses name. And I think that bothers you.
    If said Horse does (and I mean CAN PROVE IT…not some club leader lying about it…) I’ll vote for them.
    Get use to that, and dealing with me.

  • Jeff Spicoli

    Steve, you know “a few” teachers. The SEA does not support you. You and your candidates don’t speak for them or the educational goals and standards the SEA wants. I know that hurts. That’s why you can’t answer, you’re largely untrained to do so.
    You (actually your candidates) will sink the education and voice of the teachers, whom do the actual teaching in this county.
    Stop lying bro. Your nose is hitting the monitor.

  • Steven Thomas

    You know Jeff, my Mom was a public school teacher for 42 years. Both my in laws are public school teachers. One of my best friends here is also a teacher in Spotsy PS. I never claimed to speak for the union- they are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves. But I do know at least some of what teachers are thinking, and am very much in favor of their getting their due.

    Now you… Your assumptions are uninformed and flawed, you analysis incorrect and unproven- at best. I think the term bloggers have for people like you is a “troll”.

  • Anonymous

    re: teachers and how they feel –   If not mistaken SEA is joint sponsoring a forum.

    I don’t care for the back and forth here but I guess it’s inevitable in blogs…

    I’d much rather see a series of precise questions about Spotsy govt and Schools posed to the candidates.

    For instance:   if it is determined that our class sizes are too big and we need more teachers  - should we hire more teachers and increase taxes to pay for them?

    what would you support to increase the number of teachers in the county or do you believe we don’t need more teacher or even that we have too many and need to reduce.

    I’d like to see how each of the candidates would answer that question

    I have others similar for growth, jobs, transportation, fire/rescue and Smart Growth.

    I’m truly shocked that none of these questions are being asked in a public forum …. 

    just FYI – checking websites of the candidates is not a way to know their actual views and how they’d actually vote.

  • Jeff Spicoli

    Sad you think that someone who opposes you is a troll.
    But thats that pompous attitude that is whats going to hurt you.
    You lie, I troll.
    Its going to be interesting to see how your candidates handle questions.
    Maybe you and I should sit down liar and troll , have a coke and hammer out some points.

  • Steven Thomas

    Those are worthy questions, Larry. And I can tell you that even among our candidates there would be pretty divergent answers to them. That is why I’d rather let them answer for themselves than try to speak for them.