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Some depressing news out of the Pew Research Center. Well, depressing news if you’re a newspaper reporter: 69 percent of Americans say there would be no impact if their local paper died today. And 75 percent think reporters can’t get the facts straight.

At the same time, when it comes to crime, taxes, local government activities, schools, local politics, local jobs, community events, zoning information, local social services and real estate, American adults usually turn to newspapers.

But then more sad news–most Americans aren’t interested in those topics. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply to readers of this blog, though. So I’m wondering: What are you looking for when you read The Free Lance-Star (whether online or in print)? More specifically, what information do you want about Spotsylvania County?



  • Anonymous

    test test

  • Alex Russell

    Yep, Larry, it works!

  • Austin Evick

    second that

  • Anonymous

    COOL!  thanks AMY!

  • Anonymous

    Several years ago (maybe more than a few) FLS contacted me with a survey asking how I’d feel about switching from an evening paper to a morning paper along with what kind of news would interest me.

    My answer was that a morning paper is find as long as they covered the news the day and night before …. so now we have folks like Amy working late at BOS meetings to make deadline.

    and  I may be a minority but I think the community wants and needs a local news – newspaper.

    The FLS is one reason why we do have a sense of place… despite the fact that we have a ton of commuters .. and many are transient rather than generational residents.

    It would, in my view, be a distinct loss to the community and region not have FLS…

    yes we have blogs… but no blogger that I know of is going to attending virtually each and every BOS meeting and give a rundown the next day.

    By the way. I’ disappointed that we did not have more candidate forums… many people that I know have asked who is running and what are their positions and we’re apparently not going to have more than one forum… very disappointing…

  • Jeff Spicoli


    While that all sounds bad ,I myself heard this on WTOP, whom of course claimed victory over printed press. Mind you, I can’t drive I-95 and read my trusty FLS edition before I get to work.

    I think it’s just the age we’re in. It’s the internet. Thankfully the FLS has adjusted to that and embraced it. But I believe the all internet-news companies leave alot to be desired. Larry hits on it, a sense of community.

    When they make a bold statement like 75% believe - reporters can’t get the facts straight. I am not surprised that the printed media sources (Newspaper,Magazines) fair worse. The internet is -instant media, easy to change as the facts become clearer. It’s hard to correct yesterdays story as more facts have come out.

  • Charles Tatum

    I believe that the FLS, and all other local newspapers, should specialize in local reporting.  We get national and international news from so many other options, that it is a waste of paper and ink to regurgitate it in a local paper.  End the reprinting of wire articles, and start writing about the impact of national and international events on our community.  Apply close scrutiny to local government, business, community groups, etc., and make sure we know what’s going on locally and why and how.  Otherwise you are just competing with better-equipped competitors.