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Cantor announces Spotsy endorsements

The Spotsylvania County Republican Committee has announced that Eric Cantor, Congressman for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, has endorsed the following candidates for Spotsy elections:

  • Al King, Republican nominee for Commissioner of Revenue
  • Ann Heidig, Republican nominee for Livingston supervisor
  • Jerry Logan, Republican nominee for Courtland supervisor
  • Tim McLaughlin, Republican endorsee for Chancellor supervisor
  • Paul Trampe, Republican endorsee for Salem supervisor
  • Dawn Shelley, candidate for School Board in Chancellor
  • Kirk Twigg, candidate for School Board in Livingston

He said:

“Many of the decisions our local leaders make are extremely important to our communities.  The Republican slate of candidates- Jerry Logan, Ann Heidig, Tim McLaughlin, Paul Trampe, and Al King- have valuable private sector experience that will provide a refreshing perspective on government. They know how to create jobs and how to balance a budget.  They also know the importance of not raising taxes during a recession.  For this reason I endorse them in their respective races for Board of Supervisors in Spotsylvania…Providing a quality education is critical to the future of our nation.  We must have strong leaders at the local level who understand we must empower our teachers and get bureaucrats out of the way.  Dawn Shelley and Kirk Twigg understand this, and I endorse them for Spotsylvania School Board.”

Spotsy GOP Chairman Steve Thomas said:

“There are a lot of candidates falsely claiming to be conservatives in this election. Don’t be fooled. We need to elect a slate of conservatives- and this is it.”


  • Austin Evick


  • Anonymous

    Wow!!! Stop the press.. Republicans supporting Republicans. Way to take center stage Steve!Wait a minute, what on earth does a national political party have to do with the School Board? or for that matter our Board of Supervisors?.
    I guess you’d have to be a follower of Eric Cantor.Oh I get it, just in-case Al King sets his sights on loftier employment, we’ll know he at least stands for the ‘most morally right’ party. And looking at Al’s previous attempts at gaining an elected office, I think he’d sell off a family member to get something at this point.Seriously though. Good luck to you all.

  • Steven Thomas

    Jeff, don’t you think it’s odd that nearly every county that surrounds us has political local elections (Rs and Ds in Stafford, PWC, Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, etc) and indie candidates are the exception there? The reason why is we’re a 70% Republican county, and if the county Dems (like Hap, Pitts, etc) told people they were actually Dems they’d be bounced pretty handily. At least we Republicans are honest about who we are- those others are not.

    And FYI, we’ve never had a circumstance where officeholders like Bolling or Cantor actually endorsed Spotsy candidates at a local level. They are doing so now because Spotsy is falling way behind our competing counties after a few years of having a very high rate of foreclosures and commercial vacancies. If we don’t become more competitive now by electing people willing to set a good stage for growth by lowering taxes, we’ll be Martinsville in a matter of years. And no one wants that.

  • Anonymous

    Well see that’s where you start your lie:
    FYI Steve–Shows that Bolling did in fact endorse candidates at a local level, as per usual. Any other LIE you care to brainwash your minions with?
    I don’t need a national affiliation for our  local issues and I think the educated voter agrees.
     Steve the “show your stripes” falls short here. It’s refreshing to know that Independant candidates owe nothing to a Political Party (Republican, Democrat, Tea, or Liberitarian). Sad thing is they don’t get invited to the fundraiser dinners when Sarah the Wackjob, Rick,Michele or Barack bring their three-ring circus buses to town. Bummer for you she can’t autograph your copies of Going Rogue.
    I do think that an Independant candidate can effectively represent their consituants (that means people they represent-Steve) by selecting options not available to partisan slugs, but outside of the local scene (State and National politics) they don’t stand a chance.
    What say you Steve?

  • Robert Smart

    For those voters in the Courtland District who support education they should take note that the Spotsylvania Education Association failed to endorse longtime Supervisor Jerry Logan. For those in the Courtland District who supported membership in VRE, remember Supervisor Logan played the typical Republican game and delayed Spotsylvania Co. from joining VRE.  This “game” cost the county taxpayers thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Supervisor Logan has a record of voting against budgets that fund the financial needs of our fire, rescue, Sheriff’s Dept. as well as our education and transportation needs. Mr. Cantor should keep his endorsements to the “national” arena and stay out of local politics…..His endorsements mean totally nothing to this county voter. It also appears that Mr. Cantor’s endorsements mean nothing to the Spotsylvania Education Association, and I credit them for that.

  • Martin Work

    Incumbants in Spotsylvania Co., VA know too much and are much too involved in governance that stands outside serving County constitutents  and in support of their private partners, construction and development communities. THe likes of Silver, Cosner, Meadows, and Welsh can’t afford to disappoint their makers and financial supporters.

    Stafford has 5 republicans on their BOS and the vote count remains the same, but mostly conducted in secret.

    Spotsylvania has only 1 republican on its BOS; Jerry Logan. And WE have recalled many votes taken on which Mr. Logan was  preasured more by his party than  conscience.

    Take away the labels and Steve’s numbers of 70% Replublican COUNTY, what’s left of any Democratic or Independent challenge to the governance of Spotsylvania.

    In desparate times we take desparate means and measures to win over the public, by soliciting State and Federal party members to be the face of local elections, when in fact they serve as cautionary flags that should in most case raise the hair on the back of your necks.

    Since Spotsylvania Co. doesn’t have any money, where do you think they get their financing except through selling more GO-Bonds, FOR their partners to conduct business, at lower rates and increases the County’s debt level and eventually leads to the tax payers pocketbook and that means more taxes.

    Where, on the other hand, that 70% Republican community does not intend to raise any taxes in the County for what ever growth agendas they have in mind and rely entirely on its citizens ingenuity and personal wealth to sustain the promises Eric Cantor has sworn to, in writing, to never raise taxes.

    Is this what it is to pay allegiance to the Republican ideology?

    Try sharing some of the angst brought to victims of a huricane and earthquake in Virginia, where the likes of Eric Cantor and Gov McDonnell knowingly put the victims aid on hold or until the Republican Party can find additional means to cut money from the budget and government agencies.

    So, on the open market, what’s can ENDORSEMENT worth? Is there a handshake involved or do YOU just take it on a leap of faith? It’s time to be very concerned and very afraid of anyone pretending to be a politician and working in your best interest. Or, in the alternative, sign your PROXY and hand it over to your political party of choice.

    Better still, lets move on Steve’s tally of 70% Republicans in the County, and have him put out the word that with 70% of the voters market, why would anyone want to show up at our local elections, much less next year’s National Election?

    By the way, where does it say here that Cantor has endorsed Steve Thomas for House Delegate?

  • Anonymous

    Oh heavens Steve.
    Your Martinsburg threat is backfiring!
    My neighbor now thinks NASCAR could come to Fredericksburg and he lives for the short track, and you being opposed…
    Anyway so we’re clear how does Dawn Shelley stand on the Military budget items, or Al King feel on the abortion issue?, is Mr. Twigg ready to stand firmly against Obama-care? These things are all values I am deeply concerned about.

  • Robert Smart

    Maybe Mr. Cantor needs to go back and read the August 21, 2009 Free Lance-Star editorial “VRE: Logan’s run.” The editorial made it clear that Supervisor Logan played Republican Party politics when it came to Spotsylvania County joining VRE. The editorial made reference to Supervisor Logan being associated with a jellyfish. “The virtue of Mr. Logan’s registration in the phylum Cnidaria” (aka jellyfish) “one of whose members is printed above, is that it sets the stage for the first pure, up or down de facto vote on VRE–at least in two districts–in county history.” The voters of the Courtland District don’t deserve a jellyfish or a supervisor that is a political puppet of the Republican or any other political party. Supervisor Logan was hoping that Supervisors Pitts and Skinner would get defeated, allowing him to vote the republican party desire, and vote against VRE. Mr. Logan got fooled, didn’t he? Yet, at the end Mr. Logan took the easy road and played the political game of sitting on the fense, rather than making the up front decision that he was elected to do. I can’t vote for a jellyfish, regardless of who endorses him.

  • Steven Thomas

    Look, my whole point is that just because someone runs as an Indy does not make them any more independent. Logan has bucked his party as often as he’s voted with us. Hap Connors has voted in every single Dem primary since he moved here and is one of the largest individual donors to Dems in the region. He’s also never voted against a tax hike (voted for 7 of them). So how is he “independent” again?

    When Republicans and GOP endorsees controlled the Board from 2003 to 2007, we had plentiful jobs, a developing economy, and no tax hikes. When Dems took it over from 2008 to now, we had 3 tax hikes, more foreclosures than anywhere else in VA, and a higher commercial vacancy rate than anyone else in the region. We have the lowest wages in the region also- and last week we learned that, though Stafford is the 7th richest county in the country, Spotsy isn’t even in the top 50. So you tell me how Dem governance has “served” us. We hike taxes 3 times in a row, overspend on bureaucracy, fire 300 teachers, and have noplace for our HS grads to work after school. Nice.

    Endorsements serve to tell people who don’t follow local politics (and that is most of them) a little about a candidate. When the Committee of 5 or the FLS endorses someone, you know they are a Dem- or at least pretty liberal. When the Chief Jobs Officer of the Commonwealth endorses someone, you know they are interested in jobs. When the county Republicans endorse someone, you know they are a fiscal conservative and won’t raise taxes. It’s a guide.

  • Steven Thomas

    I say you need to learn to spell “Independent”.

  • Steven Thomas

    The SEA endorsed before Cantor did. Actually the interesting thing there was that they did not endorse a sitting SB member running for Supervisor (Don Holmes). Ouch.

  • Robert Smart

    Steve, just who are you trying to fool ????? You are playing that republican numbers game again. Stafford County has a “republican” controlled Board of Supervisors and their tax rate is $1.08. According to you the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors is controlled by democrats, yet their tax rate is only 86 cents. That is a 22 cent difference. If Spotsylvania County had a tax rate of $1.08 (like Stafford) I guess they would be in the top ten richest counties in the country as well. Spotsylvania County has decided not to tax their residents to death. Steve, stop fooling people and start compare apples to apples.

  • Steven Thomas

    Actually Robert, Spotsy has a bunch of taxes on business that Stafford doesn’t have. BPOL for one. Spotsy used to be the lowest cost of doing business in the entire region, 3 years ago. Now we’re the 2nd highest. At some point you have to recognize what needs to be done to be competitive. BTW, Stafford also gave their citizens a tax cut this year. Spotsy hasn’t given their citizens a tax cut since 1975. And if not for the 4 years the Spotsy BoS was controlled by Republicans, we might have a property tax rate that high. Hap for instance voted for 2 tax hikes that were not enacted. If they were, the tax rate would be almost 20% more than it is right now!

    Stafford in #7 on the list of richest counties. Spotsy isn’t even in the top 50. That difference is not an accident. It’s bad policy.

  • Jeff Spicoli

    Ok Steven, I’m gonna be brutally brutally honest. I can’t read your Lie-induced  rubbish. Dude, you’re terribly small-minded!
    Good news though, I do get/and hear your first sentence. (Thanks for saying it first!)
    Its like your keyboard is typing but you’re saying nothing.

    Ya see Steven, a brand or named party (Dem, or GOP or other) is not what is important to us, and apparently the majority of the county. Odd you have a 70% following but a largely “liberal” board. I personally think the problem is you, you fail at inspiring your little club to get enough voters. But what do I know. I’m just a hack…right?

    Ok scrolling down through your rubbish I see you are claiming your conservative leaning board…years 2003-2007 Jobs aplenty…yadda yadda…right…good…

    Steven you’re wack dude!. The ENTIRE NATION fell apart because of crooks the nation entrusted with our investments!!, During a war on 2 fronts that an idiot and his private sector cabinet (Haliburton Corp) spent trillions on (albeit needfully so) And you want to pin it on someone or people that make decisions for a county of 122,000 residents.

    Oooh ooooh Steve, tell us the story (tale…fable…whatever) of how HALF your neighborhood was foreclosed on. Ha. I get teary eyed everytime I hear it!. But going through the records ,one can’t find this neighborhood anywhere in the Fredericksburg-metro area?. Am I making light of a tragic financial situation, No. Just proving, you can’t tell the truth.

  • Jeff Spicoli

    Oh and one last thing. You care about ’300 Teachers’ yet the SEA has endorsed whom? –Henry “Hap” Connors and Dr. Raymond Bell.  None of your candidates.
    How bout you just leave the education issue alone as someone is likely to beat you with your own words.
    Go ‘head trash the SEA now. Afterall you don’t like organized labor as it is the voice of those doing the actual work- right?

  • Robert Smart

    Steve, stop and think about what you are saying, are you promoting the idea that Spotsylvania Co. follow in the footsteps of Stafford Co?? Provide a tax rate of $1.08 instead of .86 and do away witht he BPOL. To begin withi t is a fact that the BPOL tax has very little if any influence when a business decides where to locate. More focus is placed on the quality of life for the employees. If Spotsylvania Co. had Stafford’s tax rate ($1.08) that would equate to an additional income of $26.4 million vs our present rate of .86. For this tax payer keep my rate at .86 as well as the BPOL tax.

  • Jeff Spicoli

    Thats all you got Steve?… all that degree Mom and Dad paid for and you can recognize the difference in my mistake/typo -Bravo.
    I admit. I was mistaken. As I was also mistaken with Martinsburg, rather than Martinsville, in your chicken-little scare tactic. People aren’t buying what you’re selling. Pick at their fear and typos.