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Fits and starts in fire system

The county’s rescue services are moving forward but still need some improvement. At tonight’s Fire and Emergency Services Commission meeting, Deputy Chief Monty Willaford said the new enhanced services program is working well, though there are still some gaps on weekends.  Five rescue stations and five fire stations are staffed 24/7 in Spotsy.

Training records are coming in, county training Chief Jeff Bailey said. But the numbers of people needing training–or needing to turn in training records–is still high, he said. The numbers “kind of scare me,” he said.

The county is moving forward for a comprehensive orientation for all new volunteers, across voluntary agencies, Bailey said.

And leaders said that volunteer agencies really came through during the earthquake and hurricane.

“That was quite a feat to cover every station pre-hurricane, during the hurricane and after the hurricane,’ Willaford said.