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Update on earthquake response

Here’s the latest info from Spotsylvania, from public information officer Kathy Smith:

Throughout the afternoon, Spotsylvania County has been monitoring calls related to possible structural damage to buildings.  County building officials have responded to calls regarding potential structural damage.  At this time, 19 buildings have been called in for structural assessment.  Of those, 14 have been determined to have minimal or no structural damage.  County crews are still doing evaluations of the other buildings that were reported.

The Utilities Department reports that there are no issues related to the County water system, that the supply and quality has not been affected.

The County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) remains in operation at this time.  Officials from several County departments are on site, as well as partners from Spotsylvania Schools, the Virginia Cooperative Extension, the Virginia State Police and other public safety agencies.  In addition, County officials remain in close and continuous contact with their counterparts at the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, the North Anna Power Station, and other agencies.

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