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“Election year conversion to capitalism”

Spotsylvania Republican Committee Chairman Steve Thomas read Supervisor Hap Connors’ economic roadmap and found it too little, too late.

Speaking at tonight’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Thomas said he found the proposal and the board’s decisions on economic development lacking. So lacking that he resigned from the Economic Development Authority “in protest of the lack of focus of the liberal majority of this board.”

Thomas said that Spotsy is hurting, with empty businesses and foreclosed homes. He argued that the board’s stances on taxes and economic development have exacerbated this problem. And he placed most of the blame at Connors’ feet.

Thomas also said that Connors’ road map was designed to get votes:

“Today, we have seen an election year conversion to capitalism by Mr. Connors. This is nothing but a political ploy, in light of his failure of policy and focus over the last four years.”

Connors’ later responded about Thomas’ resignation:

I am glad that he finally did the right thing. As far as his attacks on me, momma told me to never wrestle with a skunk. I’m going to continue working to do what’s good for this county and ignore the partisan and personal attacks that Steve wants to spend his time and energy on.