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Spotsy GOP picks latest round of endorsements

Last night, more than 30 people dressed in black and yellow packed the Spotsy Republican Committee meeting. They were supporters of Sheriff’s candidate Mike Timm. But they weren’t committee members. The committee overwhelmingly supported Sheriff candidate Roger Harris, who won the GOP nomination with 38 votes to Timm’s 16.

Other endorsements last night: Tim McLaughlin for Chancellor supervisor and Kirk Twigg for Livingston school board member.

McLaughlin won unanimous support and was the only Chancellor candidate seeking GOP endorsement. Twigg was one of three Livingston school board candidates seeking the support. David Brennan got 14 votes; Twigg got 44 and incumbent Ray Lora got 1.

Lora’s lack of support may have been foreshadowed by the single question he received from a committee member, a woman who asked, “What exactly are our kids being taught in school?” She then said that she queried some Spotsy youth and learned that many of them see the wealthy as greedy or selfish. This led her to wonder if they were being taught such ideas at school.

Lora told her that he didn’t know.