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Heart attack survivor thanks rescuers

Today, we ran a package about Roger Hall, who had a heart attack on State Route 3 on May 23. Click here and here to read more.

Here is the letter Hall wrote to The Free Lance-Star, thanking the people who saved his life:

I would like to submit an editorial regarding a life-changing event that happened to me on May 23, 2011.  This began as I was at my job with Dominion Virginia Power in Fredericksburg.  At approximately 2:30 p.m., as my co-worker and I were on Route 3 near Trivetts, I had a massive heart attack while behind the wheel of our company truck.  So many thanks need to go out to those who responded because had it not been for them, I would not be alive today to submit this story to you!

My co-worker, Robert Luttrell, pulled me out of vehicle after first leaning over to depress the brake, grab the steering wheel and put the truck in park.  Then he pulled me out of vehicle as I was unconscious in the center lane of Route 3.  Other co-workers just “happened” to be pulled over in front of our vehicle and they came over to assist.  Another “just happened event” was a woman, Nancy Gregory, who was in her personal vehicle behind us in traffic .  She is a licensed EMT who volunteers at Station 5 Fire and Rescue.  She came on the scene, determined that I had no pulse, no heartbeat and began to take charge of CPR conducted by my co-workers, Robert Kistner and Marty Robinson.   The rescue team from Station 6 – George Madison, Paul Hemming, Aaron Ghent and Taylor Haynie – came within minutes and after shocking me 3 times, got my heart back in rhythm and transported me to Mary Washington Hospital.  I was told later, that I was DEAD, having had “sudden cardiac death” resulting from a 100% blockage!  I was also told in the days and weeks that followed, that my being alive is a miracle!  Many people in that professional arena have said that the percentage of people surviving what I did is extremely low!

After waking up two days later, on May 25th, I was told all that happened.  I still have no recollection of the events of that entire day!  I cannot say enough good words to describe my care while at Mary Washington.  All those involved in my recovery, from the doctors, nurses and those providing the room services – all were not just professional, but caring on a personal level!  Having never been hospitalized in over 35 years, this could have  continued to be a traumatic event.  After leaving the hospital on May 31st, I felt like I was leaving with so many new friends that had honestly cared that I was still alive!!

After coming home, and processing through what happened, I realized that this was not an event to stay in my own memory.  I have contacted my co-workers, the EMT, and rescue team and offered my deepest thanks for saving my life.  Words never seem enough in a situation like this and I really felt that this needed to be shared with the readers of your newspaper.

Events in our lives can sometimes take us by surprise.  Being a Christian man, I believe that to be true, BUT also know that nothing takes God by surprise!  Each person I’ve mentioned was at the right place at the right time because God has purpose for my life and has purpose for each of them.

My hope is that we will never forget to take time to thank those who sit beside us at work, train and volunteer to be first responders, and those who take pride in the job they do – at a personal level.  These people will always have an impact on you, or someone close to you!