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Fire and Rescue Training Records

Spotsylvania County’s training chief just updated the Fire and EMS Commission on the status of training records. The training chief, Jeff Bailey, said that volunteer agencies received the preliminary records on May 20 and were charged with checking those records for accuracy. They were due back June 24. As of now, Bailey said, Chancellor Volunteer Fire and Rescue has turned in 80% of the records; Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department, 54% and Spotsylvania Volunteer Rescue Squad, 40%.

Eric Lasky, rescue chief with CVFR, said their numbers are 95%. And that the difference is probably because the department suspended the volunteers who haven’t “cleaned up their records.”

Bailey expressed disappointment at the numbers, said he needs them in order to give supervisors an accurate picture of the training records. And he also needs them to create the training calendar, because he needs to know which classes the county needs to offer.