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A bit of common ground?

Who would have thought that the UDA controversy would end this way? For two public hearings, many people spoke against the urban development areas, rather vehemently. At times, the talk got heated. And sometimes pointed. Tuesday night, many of the speakers directed their displeasure at one supervisor in particular. But the next day, the head of the local tea party group sent that supervisor a thank you note, for his work in trying to craft a compromise over UDAs. Here it is:

Dear Hap Connors

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the lead last night in asking the Board to do the right thing. The actions of the Board in delaying the vote until the mandated UDA’s could be implemented correctly, showed a sincere willingness to listen to the citizens of Spotsylvania.

As I understood the motion, the development plan already in effect, already provides for the requirements mandated by the State. If, indeed this is the case, we believe this was the best that could be done under existing circumstances.

The big problem for us was the mandate and the unnecessarily hi-density requirements. I hope the final result will incorporate the least amount of scope, acreage and density, while satisfying the requirements of the State mandate for UDA’s.

Up to this point, we have not always been on the same side of the issues, but this time you and the Board proved your willingness to listen.

Again, thanks to you and the entire Board for your prudent action. Even though we will not always agree, I hope we can continue to work together in a friendly and professional manner, to promote the best interests and general welfare of the citizens of Spotsylvania County.


Wayne Winslow, Chairman

Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots