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Hi everyone! I’ve been out of the office for a week–on a staycation here in Spotsy. So I wanted to let you know about some things that have come up while I was gone:

1. You can now see an interactive map of crime in Spotsy.In the county, there were 66 crimes reported between June 23 and June 29. The map also includes a fun little feature, where you can determine how far away you are from the crime.

2. We are swinging into election season. So far, these candidates have filed to run:

  • Courtland supervisor seat: Jerry Logan
  • Livingston supervisor seat: T.C. Waddy, Ann Heidig
  • Salem supervisor seat: Don Holmes, Paul Trampe
  • Commissioner of the Revenue: Alfred King, Deborah Williams
  • Sheriff: Brian Bettis, Roger Harris and Mike Timm
  • Treasurer: Larry Pritchett

3. Three of those candidates plan to run as Republicans: King, Heidig and Logan. Steve Thomas, president of the Spotsylvania Republican Committee, said that they must be confirmed at the mass meeting  on July 9.

4. At last night’s meeting, Michael Hill, CEO of the RACER trust, talked with supervisors about the old GM plant property. He told them: “Our goal is to bring back jobs” to the areas surrounding the 89 properties left behind after GM’s bankruptcy.