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A Killer Dump

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Visit the Chancellor Convenience Center on a weekend afternoon and “convenient” won’t be the adjective that comes to mind.

On any given Sunday (or Saturday), more than 3,500 Spotsy residents bring their trash to the center on Harrison Road. If the nearby fields are in use, that number rises to more than 4,000. Getting in and out of the convenience center is treacherous. Especially if you have to turn left, crossing Harrison Road.

“It’s a place waiting to get somebody killed,” Board Chairman Benny Pitts said last night.

Years ago, supervisors decided to realign the entrance to the convenience center, so that it comes out at Piedmont Drive, where there is a traffic light.

But that solution will cost $2 million and could take a long time, said Ed Petrovitch, director of utilities and public works. The county would have to get more land, move utilities and relocate some graves in order to change the entrance.

So last night, Petrovitch talked about the possibility of a cheaper option: Installing a light at the current entrance, which would cost about $500,000.

Supervisors rejected that idea.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a solution,” Supervisor Hap Connors said.

Supervisor Gary Jackson said that the new light would be impractical because the entrance is so close to two intersections with traffic lights already.

“There’s no doubt we need to address the traffic situation there,” Jackson said. “I think we need to knuckle down and move the utilities and realign that road.”

In the meantime, you may want to follow Pitts’ example: On weekends, he turns right out of the center, then goes to the next intersection and turns around instead of turning left.