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Spotsy makes the Inquirer

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It’s not often my home state of New Jersey intersects with Spotsylvania County, but it did in today’s copy of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The story focuses on an annual Memorial Day parade in Vincetown, NJ. This year, in honor of the sesquicentennial, the parade emphasized the Civil War, including Yankee soldiers like Thomas Eayre, who was killed by a Confederate sharpshooter:

Nine days before his death at Spotsylvania Court House, Va., Thomas Eayre penned a letter to his mother, hoping to calm her fears.

With the Civil War in full swing, the 21-year-old Union soldier had been exposed to terrible fighting but always had come through unscathed.

“I shall write you again the first opportunity I have if I am able to do so and I stand no better chance to get shot now than I have many times before – I as much expect to write you next Sunday as I did last,” Eayre wrote on May 3, 1864.

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