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Keeping Thieves Out of Your Car

If you read the Spotsylvania Crime Solvers’ Crime Report, you know that a lot of things get stolen from cars. Here are some tips for making sure it doesn’t happen to you:

  • An unlocked car is an open invitation to a car thief. Lock up when you leave your car, and take the keys with you. Lock your car even if you are making a quick stop at the gas station, convenience store or mini-mall.
  • PARK carefully in well lighted areas.
  • USE anti-theft devices.
  • CLEAN it out; do not leave anything in it.
  • REMOVE the garage door opener.
  • UTILIZE your garage to park in, if possible.
  • MARK it; use an engraver to mark property.
  • REPORT suspicious activity or persons to the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Lock the trunk or tailgate.
  • Close all windows – professional thieves have tools that unlock cars through the smallest openings.
  • At night, park in well-lit areas with lots of people around when out running errands.
  • Turn wheels sharply toward the curb when parking, this makes it extra difficult for thieves to tow your car.

BEST PRACTICE- Eliminate the opportunity by locking your vehicle! Many criminals will move on to an easier target, however, if they see something that they want, they will break into your vehicle, so do not leave anything in plain view.