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Want to work for Spotsy?

The county is hiring a communications officer.

Job description:

Receives and prioritizes E-911 calls from the public for Sheriff, fire, rescue, and other emergency services. Employee dispatches emergency personnel and public safety officials to emergency situations throughout the County. Reports to the Communications Supervisor. This position is essential. Personnel occupying this position may be scheduled to work irrespective of weather conditions and/or when general offices are closed.


  • Sammy W

    It should also say:
    Must be able to accept no credit or Thanks when you’ve done a good job. Handle extreme stress and pressure and deal with some of the most arrogant people on the face of the planet all for a measly 33k.
    Supervisors never question why there is vacancies every few months. Apathy!

  • Interested Citizen

    I agree with you. It is the same way in Fire and Rescue. Very stressful job, no appreciation for hard work and dedication. One of the most ridiculous work schedules I have ever heard of. Then you throw in no leadership, no body standing up for what is right or wrong.

  • Sammy W

    Oh wait they’d need a LEADER in order to keep people from leaving, and effect positive change… nevermind.

  • Interested Citizen

    That is right. Someone that really knows how to lead people. You are correct in saying effect positive change.