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Of Pies and Budgets

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The budget public hearing is tonight, and the Virginia Organizing group will be out talking about pie and tax structures. I’m definitely a bigger fan of pies than tax discussions, by the way.  And should there ever be an occasion for you to bake me a pie, key lime is my favorite.

Here are the details from Virginia Organizing:

Virginia Organizing and partner groups in the area will hold a “Bake a Bigger Pie” action at 6:00pm, a half hour prior to the public hearing, to remind the Board of Supervisors that protecting local agencies is important, but it’s also important to demand that state legislators help raise revenue to balance the drastic cuts made in Virginia’s budget over the past eight years.

Local residents will hand out pies along with information on the need to push our representatives in Richmond to raise revenue from those who can afford it, and to modernize Virginia’s antiquated tax structure to give poor and middle class Virginians a break. Many Spotsylvania residents have seen drastic cuts to services as communities all across Virginia are forced to reckon with tighter budgets. Residents will speak out in front of the budget meeting on that ways their lives are impacted by budget cuts and on the need to raise revenue at the state level while updating the Commonwealth’s out-of-date tax structure.

The hearing starts at 6:30, the pies start at 6. The fun is at Courtland High School.


  • LarryG

    so these folks including the BOS apparently are asking the State to raise taxes on people?

    key lime – duly noted!

  • D.J. McGuire

    Wait, I thought Mark Warner “fixed” our tax structure with his 2004 tax increase.

    Perhaps someone should tell VO that they’re talking points are a little old.

  • http://UmqaoU GIVEMEABREAK2M

    When the state and federal governments reduce local funding for education, public safety and transportation services (which are all services that county residents deserve and expect) the answer is that local governments are forced into raising taxes. It is really that simple. And for those who love to state that I moved to Spotsylvania because the taxes were low, well you are part of the tax problem. It cost local governments more to provide services to a greater number of residents. Simple math.

  • LarryG

    but the “State” does not “fund” education – you do. The state collects taxes FROM YOU and then sends it back to the county.

    If you want the state to INCREASE (or NOT DECREASE) funding – they are not going to be able to do that without raising taxes on YOU.

    In terms of local taxes for Education – keep this in mind.

    $1493 with the 86 cents tax rate is the average tax on a home in the county.

    Put mom and dad in that home with one child and tell me how much taxpayers in Spotsylvania contribute to educate that child?

    That’s right $5000 dollars. Now tell me where the remaining $3500 comes from?

  • LarryG

    the Math:

    $1493 in taxes from mom/dad paying their real estate tax.

    son/daughter shows up at School where upon, the school spends $5000 of Spotsylvania tax money to educate said child.

    If mom and dad pay $1500 in taxes… where does the ($5000-1500) come from to educate their child?

    Tax Hawks like DJ and Steve Thomas – what say you?

    who should pay the $3500 and is that amount the correct amount, i.e. not too much and not too little?

    who pays to educate the children in Spotsylvania?

    Answer – not just their parents.