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Here’s the weekly Crime Solvers report. As always, if you have any leads,  Text SEE911 to Crimes (274637) or call 540/582-5822.


5306 Plank Road- At about 1:30 PM on March 8th 2011, the driver of a food delivery truck was robbed at gun point. The subject stole $3600.00 in checks and cash. The subject is described as a black male wearing a

ski mask, dark colored jacket, dark colored pants and armed with a black semi-automatic pistol. The subject fled on foot towards the 5 mile center.

CFS- 11-27976

Breaking & Entering

Turnberry West, Lees Hill South- On February 23rd, 2011, a resident on Saint Andrews Lane, noticed that a substantial amount of jewelry had been stolen from their jewelry box. Upon further investigation by the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office it appears that the front door had minor damage possibly from being forced open. A gold & diamond ring with 2 diamonds, 2 antique diamond rings, several 14 KT gold earrings, and a gold chain with a fish pendant were stolen.

CFS 11-22476

Non Residential Breaking and Entering

Partlow Landfill- The Landfill convenience site located at 5029 Partlow Rd was broken into sometime

between 6 PM on 23 Feb. and 8 AM on 24 Feb. 2011. A weed eater / leaf blower valued at $75.00, large

push broom valued at $30.00, and a new bag of calcium valued at $30.00 was stolen.

CFS- 11-22590

Residential Breaking and Entering (Attempt)

Lancaster Gate- A home located in the area of Manette Dr. showed signs of attempted entry through the front door. At this time there are no indicators that entry was made and no stolen items were reported. This occurred sometime between 5 AM and 5 PM on the 24th of Feb. 2011.

CFS- 11-22762

Residential Breaking and Entering

Coventry Creek- A home located in the area of Canopy Way was entered by unknown means. The victim

stated that a TV that was located in the master bedroom was moved down stairs. Several other items were

moved around the home. A pair of black gloves was found in the home and is being processed for evidence.

At this time no items have been reported as being stolen. The home was broken into sometime between 5

PM on 26 Feb. and 1:40 AM on 27 Feb. 2011.

CFS- 11-23859

Grand Larceny

Breckenridge- Sometime between 6 PM on Feb. 24th and 2 PM on Feb. 28th, 2011, a model home in the

area of East Copper Mountain Dr. was entered by unknown means. An In-Focus projector valued at

$1300.00, 8 Polk speakers valued at $1200.00, 1 Samsung receiver valued at $200.00, and a Samsung DVD

player valued at $200.00 was stolen from the model home.

CFS- 11-24384

Grand Larceny

Royal Oaks- Sometime between 8 PM on 24 Feb. and 8 AM on 25 Feb. 2011, someone made entry into an

unlocked vehicle in the area of Tower of London Dr. and stole a Tom Tom GPS, 3 sets of tool boxes, 2

MP3 music players, 2 pair of sunglasses, 20 cans of Starbucks coffee, and a pair of men’s shoes. The stolen

items are valued at about $450.00.

CFS- 11-22911

Grand Larceny

Lees Hill- Sometime between 1 PM on 27 Feb. and 8 PM on 28 Feb. 2011, someone may have made entry

into an unlocked vehicle in the area of Colechester St. and stole a Visa card out of the victim’s purse. The

visa card was used and approximately $500.00 of unauthorized charges was made.

CFS- 11-24516

Grand Larceny

Breezewood- Sometime between 1:30 AM and 4:30 PM on March 6, 2011, someone made entry into an

unlocked vehicle in the area of Dapple Gray Court. and stole (2) 10 inch direct audio subwoofers valued at

$100.00, a MTX amplifier valued at $50.00, and a black high definition 8 GB video camera valued at


CFS- 11-27248

Grand Larceny

Platinum Auto World, 96 Flemming Drive- Sometime between 2:30 PM on 6 March and 1:30 PM on 7

March 2011, unknown subject (s) broke into a vehicle and stole an Eclipse Navigation Unit valued at

$1500.00, and (2) head rest TV screens valued at $1200.00.

CFS- 11-27543

Grand Larceny

Central Corridor Industrial Park, 8700 Corridor Dr.- Sometime between Feb. 25th 2011 and March 1st

2011, unknown subject (s) stole 5 Catalytic Converters off of several work vehicles belonging to Southern

Spotsylvania Plumbing. The victim stated that the converters are valued at about $20,000.

CFS- 11-24662

Grand Larceny

Marshalls, 9779 Jefferson Davis Highway- Sometime between 2 PM and 3 PM on Feb. 26, 2011, the

victim stated that her black wallet was stolen from her purse. Several credit cards were stolen and the

subjects went on a shopping spree with the stolen credit cards. The subjects charged $1742.98 on the stolen

cards. The subjects worked in pairs and as one distracted the victim the other subject picked the victims

purse. The subjects are described as 1 black female, in her 40’s, believed to be 5’4 to 5’7 and weighing 140

to 170 pounds. The other subject is a black male, in his 40’s, about 5’8 to 5’10 and weighs between 150 to

180 pounds.

CFS- 11-23637

Grand Larceny (Shoplifting)

Hollister, 3102 Plank Road #250- At about 3 PM on March 2nd, 2011, two Hispanic females stole (20)

Floral Shorts, (9) Floral Skirts, and (8) shirts valued at $1558.00. The first subject is described as a Hispanic

female, black pony tail, 5’5 in height, in her 20’s, dark skin, wearing jeans with rips on the thighs, a black

jacket, and tall boots. The second subject is described as a Hispanic female, brown hair, 5’6 in height, in her

20’s, light skin, wearing jeans and a white t-shirt.. The subjects fled the area in a black 2-door sports car.

CFS- 11-25913

Grand Larceny

Sometime between midnight on the 1st of March and 8 AM on the 2nd of March 2011, someone stole a 24

inch motorized mountain bike valued at $600.00 from the front yard of a residence located in the area of

Jim Morris Rd.

CFS- 11-25117

Grand Larceny

Sometime between 14 Feb. and 25 Feb. 2011, Unknown subject (s) made entry into several buildings in the

area of Gordon Rd. and stole 10,000 pounds of sheet metal and pipes. An old generator was also stolen

from one of the building.

CFS- 11-22956

Grand Larceny

Breezewood- Sometime between 7:30 PM on Feb. 28th and 7 AM on March 1st, 2011, unknown subject (s)

broke into a locked vehicle in the area of White Lake Drive and stole a Tom Tom GPS valued at $200.00,

and a brown leather wallet containing several pieces of ID.

CFS- 11-24617

Motor Vehicle Theft

Battlefield Green- Sometime between 11 PM on 23 Feb. and 4 AM on 24 Feb. 2011, a green Toyota 4-

Runner was stolen from in front of a residence in the area of Battlefield Green Drive. The vehicle was

recovered that morning in the area behind Home Depot at Harrisons Crossing. The vehicle was wrecked,

however, items were not stolen from the vehicle. It is possible that the vehicle was left unlocked with the

keys in the vehicle.

CFS- 11-22560

Motor Vehicle Theft

Citgo- 5313 Jefferson Davis Highway- Sometime between 2 PM on March 3rd and 5:45 PM on March 6,

2011, a 2006 White Budget Truck valued at $50,000 was stolen from the Citgo parking lot.

CFS- 11-27492


Red Rose Village – Sometime between 9 PM on 24 Feb. and 12:30 PM on 25 Feb. 2011, someone broke the

passenger side window of a vehicle parked in the area of Gardenia Dr. and stole a white IPOD with an


CFS- 11-23011


Sheraton Oaks- Sometime between 8 PM on Feb.25 and 1:30 AM of Feb. 27 2011, someone made entry

into (2) unlocked vehicles in the area of Danielle Drive and stole about 36 CD’s.

CFS- 11-23852


Rollingwood Drive – Sometime between 10:30 PM on 28 Feb. and 6 AM on 1 March, someone broke the

passenger side window of a vehicle and stole an IPOD that was hanging off of the rearview mirror and was

attached to a FM transmitter.

CFS- 11-24608


Beauclaire Plantation – Sometime between 10 AM on 1 March. and 6 AM on 2 March 2011, someone

broke the driver’s side window of a vehicle parked in the area of Beauclaire Blvd and stole a Black IPOD .

CFS- 11-25061


Stoneybrook- Sometime between 10 PM on March 5th and 11:30 AM of March 6th, 2011, someone made

entry into an unlocked vehicle in the area of Goldfinch Circle and stole a $50.00 Green Top gift card.

CFS- 11-27156

Tamper With Vehicle

Lees Hill, Dominion Forrest Circle- At about 4:00 PM on the 25th of Feb. 2011, A resident came outside

his home where he witness a black male in his late teens, about 5’9, 160 pounds, and wearing a gray hoodie

enter the victim’s vehicle and opened the glove box. The subject fled the area in a 1980’s black or dark blue

hatchback vehicle driven by another black male when confronted by the victim.

CFS- 11-23179


Sometime between 1 AM and 12 PM on the 5th of March 2011, someone damaged the door handle to a

vehicle in the area of Lucas Street. It is possible that the subject was trying to steal a GPS that was in plain


CFS- 11-26739


  • Bill Haas

    Ye gods… was a crime spree!

  • Sammy W

    Ya forgot-

    Intersection of Courthouse and Brock Rd.
    8 assailants dressed in various business attire, Attempted to rob Steve Thomas and DJ McGuire of .17 dollars and steal their ideas for their own.
    The leader who apparently goes by the name of “Doug” tied the victims up and explained line by line how the money would be spent. The Victims then produced their own diabolical plans of theivery with less service and no explainations, hand written and in crayon. After much gutteral laughter by the ‘Hiway Robbers’, they then ran into an old building nearby.

  • Bill Haas

    That is really good Sammy. I got a pretty good laugh.

  • Bill Haas

    Are you fellows aware that we have a “civil war” in progress here in America and we are part of one of it’s skirmishes?

    Just some “food” for thought that might break the current “back and forth.”

    I have been watching events unfold in the state Capitol of Wisconsin. A duly elected republican Governor and senate are attempting to deal with their states economic issues. If you are unfamiliar with the issue; google Wisconsin around this date and I am sure you will get a lot of reference materiel.

    Certain issues require a quorum in the senate before they can be voted on. Therefore, the 14 minority democrat members decided to leave the state thereby making it impossible to legislate. The battle centers around the fact that Wisconsin is not a “right to work” state and the state long ago allowed unionization among the public employees. In addition, they allowed collective bargaining by these unions.

    This event is interesting because it represents a completely new tactic in the on-going “civil war” raging in American over the political ideologies that now exist. This divide has always existed in American politics; but in the last few decades it has grown so wide that effective legislation has now become extremely difficult.

    This country was founded, and has succeeded for over two hundred years, on the principle of majority rule. Elections have always had consequences; that is why the majority oscillates back and forth from election to election. Until now, even though the losers were unhappy, the sides have been able to continue the tasks of government. Continued effective government is now becoming increasingly difficult in this ideological war.

    This new “walk-out” tactic represents a serious threat to our democratic republic.

    Think about it..

  • Bill Haas

    Post #4 above was done in error. Sorry about that.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Better that we pause now than later on when government will be in charge of your next original thought. Now that there are no longer any bargaining rights in Wisconsin, their Governor is impowered to fire anyone he wants for any reason he and his partners may choose.

    Want to save another $3 Billion for budget reasons, start with trhe first 1500 people in line, and use their firing for any reason the Govenor can conjure up and use that move to threaten the other thousands, who should have no say in the matter, for want of keeping their job at whatever rate the employer deems fair, even in struggling markets that abandoned millions to fend for themselves, and no where else to go.

    I, for one, thought this kind of government was lost to ancient history, but appartently we’re seeing it play out AGAIN, but now it’s disguised as a Republic , selling off “democracy” to the highest bidder. Or, is Wisconsin too far away to count for anything, or convince ourselves, that like ALL THINGS, this too will pass. As with puppets, after the performance has been completed, even without applause, they are hung back up on their racks until the next drama makes its way to center stage.

    Can’t wait to see how their RECALL PETITIONS come off, and in some small portion take our Government back from the puppet masters.