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Benny Pitts to chair state committee

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Virginia Association of Counties President Robert R. Adkins has appointed Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors Chairman Benjamin T. Pitts to serve as Chairman of the 2011 VACo Administration of Government Committee. VACO represents 95 counties throughout the Commonwealth.

The Administration of Government Committee addresses general government issues such as Freedom of Information Act, procurement, elections, telecommunications and public utilities, plus other issues that are not addressed by VACo’s other committees.  As chairman,  Pitts will assist local elected officials throughout the commonwealth and provide a valuable service to VACo.   Pitts served as Chairman of VACo’s Administration of Government Steering Committee in 2010.

Pitts also represents Spotsylvania County by serving on the National Association of Counties  Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee, which address public safety issues on a national level.

Pitts is serving his fourth term on the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors and represents the Battlefield District.  At the board’s Jan, 11 meeting, Pitts was elected as board chairman.


  • Interested Citizen

    If his specialy is Public Safety, I sure wish he would take a look at this county and see that there needs to be drastic changes in leadership style in fire and rescue!!

  • Steve T.

    I actually tried to go thru the budget and find the details on what is costs for travel etc for Mr. Pitts to attend these events. Not that I think it’s untoward, but it is nice to know in tough economic and budgetary times.

  • Sammy W

    How about next questioning the pens and stationary used. Certainly there’s a cheaper alternative!!
    Maybe he could hitch a ride with a trucker for the next shindig right???
    You may save a shickle or two Steve keep on them.

  • Steve T.

    You’re right Sammy. Escalades for everyone, fiscal restraint is out of fashion!

    Wait- you say, there was an historic election last year where government spending and the economy was the biggest issue? Curses!

  • Sammy W

    Steve man we’re having a blessed civil conversation here. Don’t get snippy and bring the national issues into the local picture. It doesn’t contribute to this.
    Vote Palin 2012 Steve the World’s gonna end anyways!

    I was thinking maybe Benny can bring a Jamboree tent to save. Jus sayin.

  • http://UmqaoU GIVEMEABREAK2M

    Mr. Thomas it is a shame that some people are trying to join the federal issues with state and local issues. They are totally different. That is why I totally disagree with party voting at local elections. It should be illegal to run by party name in local elections. Spotsylvania County has done an outstanding job with its budget and managing their financial resources (past and present). That is why their bond rating continues to improve, etc. and the budget office receives awards year after year. When compared with other localities the size of Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania County maintains its record of doing more with less, year after year.

  • Blowfish

    Old news Mr. Thomas. The FLS covered the Pitts story a long time ago:

    The story was written by the same guy you constantly criticize for his exceptional coverage of the fire and rescue system that led to the current changes and brought to light serious problems with the system.

    I am sure you kind find a way to criticize him on this story, too, right?

  • Sammy W

    Ya see folks, We’re all Liberals here. You can’t question Steve Thomas!. If he thinks it, it must be right and just. And if he says “you’re a liberal!” Don’t take it as disrespect, it’s just counter to his better fiscally conservative thinking.

    Oh and dare I mention he tends to grandstand his idea(l)s in the liberal media, of course the free version here on the web.

    His tactic is; when you aren’t winning a “civil conversation” you grab at other sleezy hot button issues like The DC Governments inability to effectively manage their own government. Of course Steven, Leasing an E-lade is extremely excessive. Hey…we agree!!
    It’s as rediculous as Adrian Fentys’ Smart Car.

    But historically and currently the DC Government is not a Republican Conservative government so his sad thinking is ” I’ll take a nasty stab at this Spotsy Liberal (ha!) by comparing Grapes to Sand, that’ll make him seethe with anger!”, (Oh Good one Steve!,bravo!!)
    Yeah Steve their homerule mess is alot like Spotsy. No… no Steve, stop right there, it can’t and will never be that bad here. Period. And not because of your watchdog efforts.

  • Bill Haas

    Been watching this “debate” between Steve and others for some time.

    It is my view that Steve is a “dyed-in-the-wool” republican. It may be in his DNA, for all I know. In any event, couple that with his position in the Spotsy GOP and you have a fellow who absolutely MUST publicly argue from a position in accord with the basic tenants of the party or get out.

  • LarryG

    I can respect any Republican that is true to their principles of fiscal conservatism as long as they apply that principal equally to all parts of government when critiquing.

    I think you can be a principled Republican and do that and of course I think one could be a principled Dem or Independent and do that also and I would lavish attaboys on Steve if he applied his fiscal conservatism – across the board in Spotsy for all functions that spend tax money.

    Mr. Logan and Mr. Jackson both IMHO emulate such an even-handed approach to fiscal conservatism and we know them by their philosophies not their politics.

  • Sammy W

    I have a real problem with anyone in general, who’s mind is made up prior to hearing the issue. Left or Right.

    Sure I applaud him for voicing his concerns. (seriously, Steve I do). I just think that his concerns come with bias and aren’t as you say equally applied. Want support Steve?? Think about that.

  • LarryG

    Sammy and I (and I suspect Mr. Haas) are on the same wavelength here.

    The question is – can Steve – as local Republican Chair be a principled fiscal conservative – across the board – more than he wants to be a partisan .. guy…( so I won’t say “hack”).

    As I said – I THINK HE CAN but I don’t know if the Republican Party these days will allow him to be “just” a fiscal conservative and not a highly partisan critter that goes after non-Republicans no matter whether they are fiscal conservatives or not.

    So basically, Steve has to decide what we wants to me but I think the is basically a decent person who perhaps is pushed to be more partisan in his job than he’d be if he were not in his role.

    I just want to see fiscal conservatism applied equally to all expenditures in Spotsylvania and blame not targeted only at some BOS and not others and none at all directed at the School Board which tends to not be ….willingly …fiscally conservative… (at least in my view).

    I’d like to see school board members who are fiscal conservatives… who do understand that dollars don’t come from the BOS nor the State but from hard working citizens.