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A note about the quiz

Hi everyone! I’m about to give away one of the quiz answers, so look away if you haven’t taken it yet.

A reader called this morning but didn’t leave a name, so I can’t reply directly. She thought the question about the Board of Supervisors chairman was wrong because the county website said that it is Gary Skinner.  This is just a little bit of out-dated information. Skinner was the chairman last year but at the board’s most recent meeting, they elected Benny Pitts to lead this year.

This is a good time to make a little pitch: Read the Spotsy stories in The Free Lance-Star. I’m trying to include at least one history question and one that references a recent article.

Thanks everyone for taking the time for the quiz. This is definitely a diversion from the typical county reporter duties, so I’m glad it’s being well-received.