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Wow, the blog has been lively lately! There’s been a lot of discussion–and debate–and thanks for sharing your perspectives and participating. As the mom of two boys, I have to squelch my instincts to smooth things over. But certainly there’s room for healthy debate. No one has crossed this line, but just in case, I do want to remind you not to accuse people of things you can’t prove. Again, that’s just a precaution. We’re in a whole new world of journalism these days, and while I spent quite a bit of time studying for the demanding exams in Communications Law, most of you have not. (Count yourselves lucky; this course was so rough that everyone waited for their senior year to take it in the hopes that it would be taken off the requirements. I was the only freshman to sign up for the class and, all semester, I was known simply as “the freshman.”) It might sound like common sense, and I apologize if it is. I’d just rather be careful.

In the meantime, here’s a fun trivia quiz. It’s not much of a challenge; I’ve spent days trying to write a code that would integrate the quiz into my blog, only to discover there’s a plugin to do all the work for me. So I wasted most of my time instead of looking for good trivia. I hope you enjoy it anyway, and now that I know the secret, we’ll have better questions in the future. And, if you have any random county trivia, send it my way: or 540/735-1973.



  • Larry the G

    UNCLE! I know some but I have no clue about others!

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    And then there’s the other side of the conversation that begs to be proven wrong, with the TRUTH being the only thing that separates one from the other. This is often times cited as one of the reasons why the “chicken crossed the road.” Been there, done that.

  • Steve Thomas

    2 out of 5. These were very challenging! I can’t imagine how much time the new coding took.

    Then again, the effect was much better than the earlier discussion you referenced, so kudos!

  • Larry the G

    chicken crossing the road what the….. ????

    Come on Marty – if you want to play in Spotsy – you got to know Spotsy!

    BTW – I could have SWORN that Leggett was one of the very first Mall tenants.

    Here’s a question.

    Where were the ORIGINAL Sears and Leggett located? Be specific as to street.

  • Mac Smith

    Ohhh. I stink. Keep these coming!

  • Marge jurich

    I got them all right!!!

  • Rhonda F

    ohh baadd…I knew some of them but not all.
    Larry the G…I’m thinking Leggett’s was on Caroline Street and was Sears on William Street near the Rescue Squad?

  • George

    The original Sears was located in Chicago on Homan Avenue and Arthington Street (says wikipedia).

  • Larry the G

    in…Fredericksburg…. Rhonda got them right….

    bonus points: what are in those buildings now?

  • Lauren

    I would like to know if anyone can name at least 2 different stores that use to be where Tractor Supply is now. Where Tippy Tacos use to be? Where and how many Spotsylvania High School buildings and where they use to be and what are they now? First graduating class of Spotsy High and what was are names of 2 other high schools before the orginal Spotsy High? The list can can go on a on and I’m only 26 and know alot about this county because it’s all I know. My family has lived here back before the 1900′s in this county. Keep the trivia coming.

  • Rhonda F

    Lauren – not completely sure, but am sure you can give the right answers…I believe the the old Spotsy High buildings may have been in the courthouse area. 1 was where the Marshall Center is today and the other is across the road at what is now Spotsy Middle? Also believe John J Wright used to be a high school. My ol brain is foggy can’t remember right now what was in the Tractor Supply building, but do remember Nichols being at 4mile fork.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Larry: I didn’t join or address the trivia part of Ms. Umbles remarks. But, you already knew that. My focus and remark were centered on her initial WARNING that we ALL be careful how far we can go with our comments and communications, BEFORE WE CROSS THE ROAD, but you already knew that too.

    While trivia contest may draw a larger entertainment audience, and serve as a journalist’s efforts for distraction, my recorded history in Spotsylvania County is best served cold, and without fanfare, or did you not already know that as well?

    Within the framework of knowing where Sears and Leggetts once were or still are, doesn’t peak my curiosity.

    How Spotsy governs itself and its citizens is what fills my plate and your plate too. So, why has this blog site turned from reporting what Spotstlvania Government is bringing to the table for public consumption and reduced it to a triva contest and a Crimes report that’s published, scanned and downloaded by FLS as a FILL item and not what Spotsylvania County and its elected officials are doing to conduct business in its citizens best interest? Or, is that another triva question that no one has an answer to or for?

    How many more doors do we need to close on the public, while entertaining them with pieces of history, long forgotten, along with the addresses, as WE move into the 21st Century? While I remain cautiously optomistic I still have reservations. What part of the past 5 years have you forgotten?

  • Larry the G

    geeze Marty – LIGHTEN UP!

    now about that Tractor Supply question….

    Oh and the Marshall Center AKA as dear Old Spotsy High – and Mrs. Graube for English and Sacra for Spanish and… Mr. P for math.. and across the road .. a field?

  • Lauren

    The Tractor Supply use to house at 1 point the Lowes and Nichols when it was Nichols they would have big easter egg hunts where my dad would help me when I was little. The Marshall Center is the Orginal Spotsy High with the first graduating class in 1940-1941, then later on built the one across the street and moved in. Then finally they build Spotsy out in Post Oak with the 1st graduating class of 1994 those students went half a year at one school and finished up the rest at the new. Interesting enough before the 1940′s we had a Chancellor High School (In which my great aunts and uncles attended and they just did away with it) and also a Robert E Lee High School as well way back in the day).

  • Larry the G

    Okay, I’m familiar with all you wrote EXCEPT the fact that Robert E. Lee … WAS a HIGH SCHOOL?

    When? BEFORE 1940?

    Where did kids go to Elementary School?

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    The closest I can get to Robert E. Lee is sharing the same birth date.