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Giving up the Salem seat

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Supervisor Gary Jackson has announced he will not run for re-election this year. His Salem district seat is one of four up for grabs this year.

Jackson entered county government 16 years ago, when he first served on the Planning Commission. After a four year term, he ran for the supervisor’s seat, which he’s held ever since.

In his “day job,” Jackson is a lawyer for the FDIC, an agency which has been really busy these days. Between his increased workload and a desire to spend more time with his family, Jackson has decided to retire from the Board of Supervisors.

School Board member Don Holmes has already expressed an interest in the seat, and Jackson said he would support Holmes’ election: “He’s a real gentleman and I have found him to be a man of good character and judgment.”

Jackson said that the two have not always agreed on issues but that Holmes was always fair.

As to life after the Board, Jackson said he’ll spend more time at work and with his wife and two sons.

He feels that in the past 12 years, the county has moved in a positive direction, gaining a strong financial footing with a good tax base and a good bond rating.

“I think the community is on the right path, and I’m actually really proud of where we are,” he said.

But he won’t have time to rest yet: The supervisors face an upcoming budget season which many have said will be the toughest yet. The county’s finance department is predicting a gap of $9.3 million between income and expenses.

“It’s a challenge to strike that balance,” Jackson said. “Folks expect and deserve a certain level of public service, but that comes at a cost.”


  • Larry the G

    This will be Spotsylvania’s loss. More than any other single person, Mr. Jackson has insisted that the county become more fiscally responsible – not only about growth but it’s other finances.

    Mr. Jackson is also the kind of person who won’t do a job unless he is going to commit to the time and effort to do it right.

    When a significant development proposal is made, I ALWAYs want to know Mr. Jackson’s views on it.

    I wish him the best and hope and pray that absent his voice, the county does not slip back.

  • http://UmqaoU GIVEMEABREAK2M

    Well Mr.Larry the G I am not sure that I agree with your comments. I think that there are certainly other board members that have worked to be just as “fiscally responsibe.” As Mr. Jackson stated the county has “gained a strong financial footing with a good tax base.” I do not recall Mr. Jackson every voting for a tax increase. That revenue is now a major part of that “good tax base.” There are seven members of the Board of Supervisors and at least four (4) of them have to agree to make things happen, or not happen.

    Do we really need yet another member of the School Board transferring to the Board of Supervisors?

  • Steve Thomas

    My statement on this can be found at Holmes is an awful excuse for a public servant and the people of Salem could do MUCH better.

    In contrast to Gary Jackson’s record of fiscal discipline, Don Holmes never met a budget he could cut; never met a tax he didn’t campaign for. His record on transparency and accountability is awful, as evidenced by his extending the contract of our indicted Superintendent in 2005.

    He does not deserve a promotion.

  • Dan B

    I have always taken pride in being a Republican but to read that blog and how it slams a man I know has me bothered. The DUI’s were long ago in a time of life that Mr Holmes is not proud of and he has done so much since then. That blog is taking outdated facts to paint a current picture. I suggest people get to know the man for themselves!

  • Steve Thomas

    Dan- I understand what you are saying- everyone makes mistakes, including me. But Holmes also attacked Eric Martin in 2007 for having speeding tickets. The hypocrisy there is pretty rank.

    Perhaps more relevant, he broke the law by not disclosing his conflict of interest when voting for a promotion for his wife in 2008. That’s pretty recent.

    More recently still, he missed 1/2 of all SB meetings just last year. Further, he convicted Amanda Blalock without even seeing the evidence aganst her! His record does not say honorable. It says blatent disregard for honor and, in many cases, law. SB members like him are the reason Spotsy has many homeschoolers.

  • Steve Thomas

    Actually, Dan inadvertantly brings up a good point.

    Larry is all for transparency and good government, unless one of his friends did something against that… then he makes excuses.

    Dan, the issue here is not, “let’s get a conservative candidate, unless they run against someone we know”; or “let’s get an honorable candidate, unless they run against a friend”.

    It’s “who will lower taxes, create jobs and create a more open, accountable and transparent county government”. And Don Holmes simply is not that guy, regardless of if you happen to know him. His record, the facts in this case simply do not support him.

  • Larry the G

    Well, I’d challenge Steve to show where I have cut any slack on the transparency and accountability continuum for anyone.

    I don’t really know Mr. Holmes at all but I would welcome a campaign with choices and debates on the issues.

    Mr. Holmes did seem to be okay with the SB approach to the censure … he did not object or abstain.

    I do think Mr. Jackson is pretty straight but also point out that he has really not made a point of promising transparency and accountability no more or less than any of the others.

    but then again.. I don’t think that fiscal conservatism means absolute opposition to taxes either.

    And if we talk taxes – we include all categories including the schools and don’t cherry pick our favorite targets.

  • Steve Thomas

    Fair enough Larry. You went bonkers when I pointed out the various insults and slurs Hap has used- in public- to describe Republicans. I could also point out that, just recently, Hap brokered a special deal with the area builders to set the Green building tax cut to their liking- the day before the public hearing. Outcome prearranged. Not transparent.

    I actually agree with the rest of your points. The miracles never cease!

  • Larry the G

    bonkers about Hap? show me guy……..where?

    I think it is you that is clearly bonkers about the man…guy.

    And hey… news flash – the man is NOT a Republican much less a Tea Party Republican!

    At the local level – for some of us – politics has been less about the two parties and more about the person though I acknowledge that guys like yourself have managed to make it more about party labels as of late – in my mind – not such a good thing but that’s life.

    I would rather hear more from you guys on concepts like Balanced Scorecard, what is a fair approach to development costs (proffers, impact fees), UDAs, and what should we do about our transportation needs in this area, etc. and less about who shot John (or what Hap said).

  • bhaas

    As I stated elsewhere, THIS is NOT good news for the citizens of Spotsylvania.

    At the risk of running afoul of GIVEMEABREAK2M, I would also repeat Larry’s comment, “More than any other single person, Mr. Jackson has insisted that the county become more fiscally responsible – not only about growth but it’s other finances.”

  • Steve Thomas

    LG- it was on this very blog. “guy”… “Musical Chairs”.

    I’m not bonkers about or for him. He’s a liberal Democrat who was Executive Director of the South Carolina Democratic Party- fired for calling the governor a “Fascist”. He was also chair of Dem Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for governor, and has hurled insults and epithets at GOP candidates for years now.

    He also blamed the Arizona shootings on Republicans.

    He’s a partisan liberal Democrat. He’s just not honest about being so.

    And by the way- show me one, even one, development project he’s voted against in the last 2 years, or even 4 years. This myth of him being “smart growth” is just that- and he’s sitting on a pile of campaign cash from developers to prove it.

  • Larry the G

    all I said under “musical” was WOW and asked for some particulars – evidence beyond the assertions….

    got evidence that he told campaign cash from developers?

    if you do.. when you make assertions of this magnitude, you need to provide references to the evidence.

  • Steve T.

    My evidence is in his quarterly filings. Look there. And there is a mountain of documentation for his various insults and slurs (hurled exclusively at Republicans and conservatives).

    But this episode illustrates the issue I brought up earlier. When elected officials you happen to be friends with are held to account, you attack me for doing it and make excuses for them.

    And by the way, it is extremely likely that we will not just support Republicans in this election. We will support conservative independents and even conservative Dems if they agree with us. I am much less interested in partisan labels than in what someone’s beliefs are and how they act. And in that measure, both Hap and Holmes are found wanting, for different reasons.

  • Larry the G

    Give me some links guy to back up your assertions …

    by the way Steve – are you aware that VPAP …WILL INCLUDE Spotsylvania in it’s online reporting this year?

    and let me ask you – for the candidates you support – will you ask them to commit to a pledge to not take campaign money from developers?

  • Steve Thomas

    VERY glad to hear that about VPAP, but the past reports are not yet online.

    I don’t think developers are evil, nor do I think they should somehow not be allowed to make money. This is America. But they need to work with the county in a reasoned and moderate fashion. But the county supervisors need to keep a bigger picture in perspective. For instance, the 600 apartment Cosner East dropped a bunch more units on an already oversupplied housing market where we are still the foreclosure capital of Virginia. The shame of it was that they took away Industrial-zoned land- and its potential for high-paying jobs- to do it.

    But look at what happened with VRE. You had a developer- Fitz Johnson- who owns land in Eastern Lee Hill and who is actively campaigning for the new VRE station to be put there. He writes an op-ed to the FLS calling the GOP candidates “Neanderthals”, then drops $25,000 apiece to Gary Skinner and Benny Pitts to purchase their elections, all to make sure he can retire to Florida on the Spotsylvania taxpayer’s dime.

    Is that right? Both Pitts and Skinner were supported by the C-500 by the way, in their final act of ceding the moral high ground of being a “nonpartisan, smart growth” group.

  • Larry the G

    man are we all over the map here.

    FIRST – you still need to provide evidence for your assertions. Otherwise how do I know they are not just your opinion?

    Second – you did not answer the question about developer campaign contributions….

    Third – let the developers figure out the market.. if they think they can sell luxury apartments and that land is no longer suitable for industrial – then you have a choice – let it unbuilt or let the market work.

    Fourth – provide data to back up the Fitz Johnson contributions.

    Fifth – C500 & Smart Growth – what is partisan about their support of Pitts/Skinner even if it is “misguided”?

    We could discuss what Smart Growth is or is not and what county policy might be (or not) but that’s after we clear up questions 1 through 4.

  • Steve Thomas

    Larry man, I very much see what you’re saying but I can’t link to a piece of paper or a statement given on the radio. You have to understand that. You can go to the Registrar’s office and look up the paperwork, it’s all public record. Google the rest. I will help, look for a comprehensive listing soon on the Spotsy GOP blog.

    It’s also not enough for you to simply dismiss it out of hand. I personally witnessed things like calling people names on the radio. Hap also accused Republicans of being to blame for the Arizona shootings, totally without proof (he did it on Facebook). Do you condone that? How about this: Can you unequivocally condemn name-calling, invectives and the like from our local politicians and from the FLS Editorial Board? I can.

    I will not impose a restriction on developer contributions, but at the same time I would not allow anyone to “buy” elections for us. We work with developers, they give a little to us but it’s no where near the order of magnitude they give to Hap, Gary and Benny. And importantly, they don’t ask anything of us in return.

    The C-5 (sorry, but there are no “hundreds” there) group has never endorsed a contested Republican. Ever. Their board as it currently exists are all members of the Spotsylvania Democratic Committee and all their donations are to Democrats. All they are is the county Democratic party masquerading as independents…. much like Hap.

    I don’t mind that they are active, I actiually like it whe more people are active in politics whether they agree with me or not. But at least have the honesty to say what you really are rather than go through this ruse because you know 70% of the county is conservative.

  • Larry the G

    oh I don’t like the name calling and invective on either side and I’ll be nice and not say how it got started but just agree we’ve had too much of it and no .. it’s not becoming on either side.

    If you have campaign donation data from the registrar – what I advocated at C500 was to scan it in and put it online if it was not on VPAP.

    That would be a worthwhile thing for any group that says it is interested in good governance and transparency to do.

    if you won’t sign on to a pledge of no developer contributions, can you better define what “buy” means

    Is “buy” in your mind the same as my “buy” or the developers or the candidates “buy”?

    Got my drift here?

    C500 had Republicans in it… the Lady at Lake Anna and I know for a fact that a couple from Fawn Lake are rock-ribbed.

    The initial plan for C500 was to have a full complement of Republicans and fiscal conservatives.

    70% of the county is not “conservative” in the way you believe guy.

    For instance, I bet you that 70% of the county wants to KEEP Medicare and Social Security and Public Schools that spend 10K per kid even though the average taxpayer pays about 2K in property taxes – i.e. they KNOW that someone else is paying for what they’re not paying.

  • Steve Thomas

    I can endorse a call for civility- but we Republicans are tired of getting called epithets and insults and not having it reported by the FLS (indeed, also having the Editorial board participate in the epithets). So I can tell you I will be particularly vigilant about the epithet-hurling. If folks behave in a civil way, there is nothing to fear.

    The C-500 lost any pretense of being nonpartisan because then would never support Republicans. That’s why the Republicans left. Those that remain fight an uphill battle to make the group more fair- but to little avail.

    As I said, I actually have no problem with developers per se, any more than any other type of business. Where I have a problem is dropping thousands of dollars into local races to sway outcomes, then expecting access. We fundraise with them, but they are far from being our larger donors. I don’t think the modern Spotsy GOP has any problem meeting the development community in the middle, as long as it will not result in a tax hike or increase county costs. I might add in there that industrial zoned land needs be preserved also.

    And we spend more than $12,500 per student btw, most in the region. Our test scores are not best in the region, some some measure of accountability needs to happen there. The issue in Spotsy is more that the calls for higher taxes and more expenditures mask a lack of accountability and transparency.

  • Tracey Lewis

    Interesting and spirited debate! I’ve learned something about county politics that I did not know before. Keep the engaging dialogue flowing.

  • Larry the G

    Steve, can you honestly say that things like “Obama hates whites” and is a Socialist that hangs out with anti-Americans, blah, blah blah was not the first shot fired ?

    I’m pretty sure C500 likes Mr. Logan and Jackson Steve.

    C500 wrote a white paper supporting Mr Jacksons’s call for adequate proffers for development and maintaining a measured rate of growth (2%) that we could reasonably afford.

    you still have to define how much developer money in local races is “too much”.

    otherwise you just have an opinion like everyone else.

    How about this – your candidates will put on their websites within 24hrs any contributions from developers?

    you need to step up on this guy.

    Schools are around 10K unless you have other data to provide.. I can provide you with link to the 10K data.

    Keep in mind that the State-funded SOQs – about 4-5K …fund ONLY Academic uses and that all the other things are funded locally from property taxes – about 4K worth when the average home in the county generates about 2K in taxes. Clearly for a family with a kid – there’s another 2K coming from somewhere locally – a clear wealth transfer.

    question is – what do you think about that?

  • Moderate

    Huge difference between Eric Martin’s law-breaking escapades and Don Holmes DUIs.

    After Holmes got his last DUI In 1993, he stopped drinking and hasn’t broken the law since.

    Outlaw Eric Martin, however, continued to break the law at least six more times, and accumulated more irresponsible charges into the 2000s, including a restraining order filed by his ex- WIFE.

    Comparing one man, Holmes, who learned valuable lessons to another man, Martin, who has learned nothing and continues to be a thorn in society just is more proof of how clueless, partisan and low you are Steve Thomas. If you ever run for office, I’d watch out because all of this nonsense you say on here is being collected and fact checked. You will be embarrassed. Do you think you get Brownie points for being pals with the ilk of Eric Martin? Maybe if you were his partner on America’s Biggest Loser.

    Steve, ever since you’ve been chairman of the local GOP Committee, you’ve been riding this high horse, and you look awful stupid doing it. Every chance you get, you come on this site to attack people who aren’t in your gang. You don’t debate. You just spread hateful remarks and stretch the truth to fit into your closed-minded head.

    In one post, you have managed to attack numerous different people who you do not like. How sad is that for you? Just because someone thinks differently than you do (thank god for that!), you feel you must attack them in a personal way. You must be a very small man.

    During the reporting of the February fatal fires by this newspaper, your comments on the blogs and stories were so utterly ridiculous that I almost wrote the county government a letter to remove you from any appointed position with the county government. You were always wrong when you wrote something about that unfortunate event, and you disgraced the family of that poor woman.

    You are not helping this county move forward at all by writing spiteful, hateful, ignorant comments every day on news sites. In fact, I am upset with myself for even falling into your ugly traps and responding to you, but I’ve had enough of it.

    As a moderate Republican, you are an embarrassment to the party. Any Republican who runs this year is in big trouble, including Jerry Logan who allows this behavior to continue year after year. The Spotsylvania Republican Committee has hit an all-time low, long after I departed when the weirdos started to take over. I thought you might be different, but you are actually worse at the helm of this committee.

    I ask you to refrain from the vicious attacks, and offer something more insightful to debate. Are you man enough to do that, Mr. Thomas?

  • Steve T.

    Larry: is all parties running for office post developer contributions we could do that as well.

    I don’t debate with people who won’t put forward their real name. By putting my name forward I put my personal integrity on the line. Larry does the same, we don’t agree all the time and have both taken hits for it but it is the honorable thing to do.

    I do not debate anonymous.

    I can back up each quote I mentioned. What moderate sounds like to me is a troll who was never a conservative to begin with and is aghast at someone who would actually stand up for lower taxes. Or job growth. Or openness in government. Or volunteerism.

    My role for a couple years is to defend those things. Contraversial?
    Sometimes, if you’re a liberal. But ultimately the amount of political intimidation here has silenced some good conservatives. I’ve been threatened three times already, which is a little scary, because some of these wackos sound like “moderate” and after Arizona you can never be too sure.

    But I’ll step up, for the time being. This is my home, and my kid’s home. I want it to be better than it currently is.

  • Steve T.

    I wonder where “moderate” was when her candidates were calling us “shiites”, “trained monkeys”, etc. Or when the FLS editorial board called us “abortionists”. Where was civility then- or does it only apply to conservatives?

  • http://UmqaoU GIVEMEABREAK2M

    Just remember folks, Steve Thomas as Chairman of the Spotsylvania Republican Party is going and saying what Republicans do best – BEING NEGATIVE. Don’t expect anything else or you will be surprised and disappointed.

  • Steve T.

    Gimmeabreak, due to redistricting we cannot have nominees nor endorsees until late August (the norm is June). We will have candidates- good, honorable people who are passionate about doing the right thing for the county. They will tell their own tales, and very soon you will hear from us a coherent plan for the County.

    But I know who I don’t want to represent me. I know when someone calls conservatives names, as Hap has repeatedly done, that guy should be holding elective office. I know when someone got a promotion for his wife without telling the school board of a conflict of interest, that’s not someone who believes in open or honest government.

    Just common sense, man. I’m not calling people epithets just because they disagree with me, but if you are a public official you should be held accountable for what you do or say.

  • http://UmqaoU GIVEMEABREAK2M

    Steve Thomas I have talked with Mr. Pitts and he denies your public statement that Fitz Johnson provided $25,000.00 to his re-election campaign (statement # 15). If I were Mr. Pitts I would challenge you to prove that your statement(s) is factual. If you can’t do it, you would be served with a civil suit. I have reviewed that campaign statements of Mr. Pitts, and Mr.Thomas you are not even close. You might want to consider hiring an attorney.

  • Steve Thomas

    Fair enough, allow me to respond to the immediate allegation, then I want to make a comment.

    The above article is what I was refrerencing earlier, but I made an error in remembering the numbers referenced therein, so I sincerely apologize for that error. It was unintentional.

    The following statement would affect the correction: “A group of developers, of which Fitz was one key part, donated $24,000 combined to the two supervisor candidates to be able to build the VRE station and develop land they owned around the station.”

    While I made a mistake remembering the numbers- one I admit and apologize for, and corrected- the principle I objected to, openness in the 2009 elections regards to the VRE issue, is still very valid.

    That said, this episode brings up a very good point.

    I just got threatened and insulted by two separate liberals in unusually personal terms , and for what? Disagreeing with them or their candidates? This is exactly the atmosphere of political intimidation I was referring to earlier. They simply don’t like someone disagreeing with them.

    Did we file a suit against Hap Connors for calling our candidates “Shiites” on the radio, despite neither one being Shiite? No. That would have been ridiculous.

    The point here is not to silence voices that disagree with us, it is to encourage more voices of all sorts to join the debate. Schoolyard threats like this are exactly what turns people off to politics.

    You don’t like disagreement? Tough. We settle things at the ballot box here. Join the debate and stop the threats and intimidation. That should have been the REAL lesson of Arizona, but it was lost on some I guess.

  • Larry the G

    prolly would have been better to post the FLS article first – then commentary … that way you get the facts out on offense, eh?

    harder to take the high ground when you blow off your feet before you get there… :-)

    is that date – January 2010 the FIRST TIME that the public knew about the developer donations?

    I don’t recall an earlier articles on it and I’m quite sure if that info had come out in the heat of the election – there would have been a kerfuffle.

    Lucky for us.. I (hope) VPAP is going to cover us this year and I’m pretty sure they are fairly timely in the disclosure end of things.

    This pretty much demonstrates how different folks have different idea of how much developer money is “too much”.

    For myself the threshold is much lower but without timely disclosure of campaign donations in the first place, citizens are not served well.

    I’d have a hard time supporting any candidate for BOS who received that much money when we know that section of the county is targeted for major development.

  • Steve Thomas

    Couldn’t post it, was on my mobile. But lesson learned, will not go from memory. It’s worth waiting. Still doesn’t detract from my point about openness though. That date was the first time any of us knew about the discrepancy, though we were wondering where our opponents got so much money so fast.

    Larry, I have never agreed more with you about the VPAP point as I do today. :)

  • bhaas

    Here we have a 30 post discussion between seven individuals of which two operate anonymously.

    It seems to me that the discussion would have taken on more meaning had our two anonymous friends not been hiding their true identities.

  • Larry the G

    Anyone who is in County govt or other non-elective governmental/staff might not want their identity known ….

    so I’m okay with it – EXCEPT when such posters launch into personal attacks on people.

    on the campaign finance disclosure issue – I’d give points to ANY candidate who promises to voluntarily disclosure ALL campaign donations within 24 hrs of receipt.

    AND I see the FAILURE to make this pledge as the FIRST SIGN that they will not necessarily be transparent nor wish to be truly accountable.

    AND … for those who ESPECIALLY make a POINT about transparency and accountability AT THE SAME TIME that they refuse to disclose their campaign donations – that’s a VERY BAD SIGN… in my book.

    I wish that the “good government” citizen groups in the county – had made this their requirement back in the Fall and required such a statement from the candidates as part of their due diligence on their positions.

    That one thing from one or more citizen groups might have made a difference in the way the campaigns were conducted – and the outcomes.

    but Steve – let’s not see any Republican-endorsed candidates yammering about transparency – who refuse to disclose their donations voluntarily and in a timely manner.

  • Steve Thomas

    Larry, you and I are certainly not far apart about transparency.

    I will recommend anyone who seeks the GOP endorsement post donations on their website within 72 hours, which is a reasonable timeframe.

  • bhaas

    Fair enough, but how about elected folks or previously elected folks? Should they be operating anonymously concerning issues that might affect their office or previous office?

  • Larry the G

    in terms of anonymous posting by elected officials – I’m sure there will be differing opinions.

    Mine is that if they are commenting on issue that they are involved in with respect to their role in the county that they ought to post with their real name.

    But if they want to comment as a citizen on something they have an interest in – as a citizen – but no role in it directly -then I think they should be able to post anonymously.

    I can see folks arguing for the opposite… so maybe offer your opinions

  • Larry the G

    On the transparency issue – all things equal (and never are) – two competitive candidates and one will disclose their campaign donations and one will not – it’s a no brainer for me.

    I’m especially contemptuous of those who say they will offer transparency in govt if elected but won’t disclose their finances.

    bad. bad. bad.

    if you want to run for office and you don’t want to disclose your finances then for heaven’s sake don’t blather about bringing more transparency to govt!

  • Larry the G

    In terms of what citizen groups and political parties advocating for better govt and transparency – BOTH could – on their list of questions for the candidates SPECIFICALLY address current areas of govt that LACK transparency and ask the candidates if they would make a motion if elected to make those things more transparent.

    This type of thing is way, way more important than asking candidates if they support “generic” ….. “Smart Growth” or whatever.

    okay, so I’ve blathered enough for now… and will retire to listen…. for a while… :-)

  • bhaas

    Here is another view.

    Let us say there is a sitting elected official and said official publicly claims he/she is four-square a supporter of transparency in government. If this same official were to opt to post on community issue blogs with a pseudonym; what say you regarding this official?

    My view would be that we would have a hypocrite in office.

  • Larry the G

    …if the subject he(she) was commenting on was with respect to their official duties – yes but if the subject was… say on a subject they did not deal with as an elected official but had an opinion as a private citizen – I’d allow them the flexibility to not publically identify them-self.

    Having said that – if someone is an elected official in the county – in some manner a wide variety of issues…. could be construed by some to be tangentially connected

    a hypothetical: there’s a problem at one of the schools with something and the BOS – as a parent would like to comment – as a parent but not as an elected official.

    …. my opinion… and I acknowledge an arguable point..

  • Steve T.

    Larry and Bill, I think we’re almost completely in agreement on this issue.

    And Larry, it was a good idea to post donations to campaign websites. I will work to make that a reality (some campaigns may not have websites, and this function is not centralized).

    I am no more a fan of unopen or corrupt politics than Larry. It results in bad policy made behind closed doors. This will be a plank of our platform this year: openness, accountability and transparency.

    If you have any further recommendations on this topic let me know and I will submit them to our platform committee.

  • Steve T.

    Bill, I also agree with you on posting under your real name. The only people here who did not post under their name were the ones who came to insult, threaten, and intimidate. These are not conducive to open discourse.

    If you are a supervisor or other official, cowboy up and claim your statements. Otherwise they are nothing but useless blather intended not to further debate but suppress it.

  • bhaas

    “a hypothetical: there’s a problem at one of the schools with something and the BOS – as a parent would like to comment – as a parent but not as an elected official.”

    If it were me in that position, I would comment using my real name while making it crystal clear that I was not speaking as a BOS, but as a parent. If that situation arose, it would undoubtedly be no secret that the BOS had children in that school and even a BOS has a right to speak out if there is a problem at their child’s school.

  • Larry the G

    well… it’s sort of a irrelevant discussion in a way as long as FLS allows anonymous comments… though …as we know .. at least some folks at FLS are not keen to that idea in the comments for regular news stories.. eh?

    so it sounds like you are in the camp that likes the idea of people using their real names?

  • bhaas


  • Martin (Marty) Work

    So, what relevance does anonymous play in getting results, beyond those MODERATE and GIVEMEABREAK2M bring to the market of friendly persuasion?

    Take a second look at the comments provided by all and agreeing on only one thing; Government accountability and transparency.

    And, Steve Thomas is going to look into this from his side of a fence while the public resides on both sides and the middle and still don’t have answers to PUBLIC inquiry.

    Where and when do we stop running around in the same circle and start putting STUFF into writing? Too many lost conversations and far too many secrets that continue to wave consituents into the wind and no hope of hanging on, as their elected officials invest in more windmills than answers to serious questions for PUBLIC consumption.

    Next time you want to check election records and who bought who, try going back to the election year that seated Gary Skinner and see who contributed to his win. Actually it’s public record and recorded. My presentation before the BOS provides the details; Cosner, Silver, Thomas Y. Welsh, Timmy Welsh (RCCI), Meadows and a car dealership that services Supv. Skinners collection of cars.

    So, what bearing does this have on the current conversation, or has that all been religated to another trivia contest being served up by the FLS and its component parts?

    Just saying you’re going to do something about accountability and transparency in local government, and within 6 months come back to tell US you have been unsuccessful because County Government cut you off at the pass, simply doesn’t cut the mustard anymore, unless of course you only want to continue to bounce the ball for appearances sake and never score a single point worth making. Your call.