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State Fire Review

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The Virginia Fire Services Board will present its review of Spotsylvania’s fire and rescue services at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. County administrator Doug Barnes requested the review in May. The team began in September and finished in late November.  They will give the report to the supervisors Tuesday afternoon.

This review will follow two reviews–one internal and one external–of a fatal fire in February. This report is not expected to mention that fire, when Sandy Hill became unconscious while on the phone with a dispatcher. She died that morning, from smoke inhalation.

The state review looks at the fire and rescue system as a whole and will offer recommendations. If it’s anything like state reports filed in 1989 and 1999, the review will suggest: a single chief over both career and volunteer departments, improved trainings and updated communications systems.

Some of those suggestions are underway, as improvements since the Feb. 5 fire. In October, minimum training standards were put into place and the county has since hired a deputy fire chief. A part-time clerk to help keep track of training records should be hired by the first of the year, said Fire and Rescue Chief Chris Eudailey.

Members of the review team will be at Tuesday’s meeting to answer questions from the supervisors about the report. A work session on the report is scheduled for 3:10 p.m.


  • Interested Citizen

    I just hope and pray for the sake of the citizens of Spotsylvania County that the Governement there will initiate what comes out of all of these studies and recommendations. There has been a lot of time and energy spent on these and it would be ashamed if they just get put under the carpet AGAIN!!

  • bhaas

    If the County ignores all or a majority of these study recommendations; it will be time for a complete “house cleaning” in our County government. Complete, in this context, means BOS down, including all in major decision positions.

    Having made this statement, I am confident that the evidence is clear enough that our BOS, Mr. Barnes, and the lower decision makers understand what must be done AND will do it.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    The proof is ALWAYS going to be in the pudding. Or, in contrast….I’m from Missouri, SHOW ME!

  • MD

    Hey all…! Just wanted let you guys know that yesterday Saturday Dec. 11th Spotyslvania/ Chancellor volunteers crashed an ambulance where multiple patinets had to be transported, the county was understaffed last evening as well and had to rely on Stafford County ambulances and Lifecare Medical transports service(which Mr. Dillard owns) to respond to calls in the county. What the hell is going in with the fire and rescure department. WHY is the paid staff not being called in to cover the large call volume when it is clear that the volunteers cannot staff the stations. Citizens need to speak out before a delay in services causes another death.

  • Interested Citizen

    Many of the stations are left with no staffing on a regular basis. Fire and Rescue has the data to support this. MD you are absolutly right, someone is going to get killed. Stafford has 24 hour career, Culpeper has 24 hour career, just 2 counties close by, when in the hell is the Spotsylvania County government going to wake up and put at least 24 hour medics in the stations. Even when the stations are staffed by volunteers, what are their qualifications? I hear them mark up understaffed more often than not.