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A New Sheriff in Town

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The last elections happened just weeks ago, and new candidates are already filing at the Spotsylvania County registrar’s office. Lt. Col. Michael Timm, with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Department, has announced that he’s running for sheriff in November. But Timm won’t be running against his boss, Sheriff Howard Smith. The sheriff has decided not to run for another term. Look for a story in this week’s paper.


  • K Delano

    Why couldn’t this be Stafford Sheriff Jett. I wish he would retire. He doesn’t know how to run a decent office. He allows some of his deputies to get a way with criminal activities. Plus, when you call to complain he is to scared to call back. He doesn’t know how to handle the truth of citizens.

  • poppy2_3

    Sheriff Jett is one of the most popular sheriffs in the state and is well liked by the troops… I can assure you he doesnt allow criminal activity, and most people that complain are usually in the wrong anyway and they just dont like that they got caught ha

  • Karen

    I also adore Sheriff Jett. He is one of the most respected in the state and serves Stafford well!

  • me

    Lt. Col. Michael Timm
    what can you tell us about him?

  • G in Stafford

    Poppy 2_3 Sheriff Jett does allow criminal activity within his office and he knows it. I know this for a fact and NO I have done nothing illegal!. I know many of the deputy’s and not all are bad, but yes some do things wrong. Your opinion is fine but you apparently don’t know the truth about him. So, before you put someone down get your facts straight. Mine are. I can assure you that. Sheriff Jett is a good talker to the public so he can win elections. Behind closed doors is another thing. We need a new sheriff in town.

  • Jane in Stafford

    Charlie Jett has done wonders for Stafford County. We have a lower crime rate than counties around us and this is due to good leadership not by accident. Nobody is perfect and we all have flaws.

  • Leigh

    THANK GOODNESS!!! maybe we can finally get a break from the “good ole boys” network that has run rampant in Spotsylvania county for far too long! And, yes, I’m a law abiding citizen saying that.

  • DD

    Leigh – I completely agree with you 1000%! It is definitely time for a change in our county. We are way over due for REAL authority in Spotsy. Hopefully who ever takes on that responsibility will have respect for the Justice System and know how to administer it appropriately rather than letting his staff run a muck! Good bye vigilante justice!!!

  • Chuck

    Why even bring up Sheriff Jett, this is a Sheriff Smith post. News flash… people don’t have a clue about a good ole boy system, try going to some of the rural areas of the state, then you will see it. Sheriff Smith and his boys have done a good job.

  • LarryG

    sure learned a lot about Sheriff-in-waiting Timm..

  • DD

    Chuck – Justice is justice no matter what area of the state you live in. I am now, and have always been a law abiding citizen of Spotsylvania County. But I know people who have been victims of the “good ole’ boy” LE that currently run this county. While the vast majority might be upstanding and law abiding officers, there are some on his staff that are not. They profile. They harass. And they manipulate policies just to put notches on their arrest belt. And he chooses to put his blinders on and ignore it. And that is not “justice” – Not by a long shot.

  • Thanks DD

    You are so right DD. Justice is Justice and doesn’t matter where you live. I’m from Stafford and they have the “good ole boy” syndrome too. Stafford and Spotyslvania has many issues, both being the same. AND JANE….. Educate yourself. You know why Stafford has higher convictions then any other county surrounding, because Stafford convicts everyone! It does not matter if your guilty or innocent. They due this because they want Stafford Citizens to think they are doing a great job. They really are hurting a lot of innocent people. Research on internet you will see there are far more complaints on Stafford Sheriffs office then any other counties. That speaks for itself. My GOD get educated before you make remarks that are in correct. Have a good day everyone Iris


    Chief Jett does a fantastic job in keeping us safe in Stafford. If you’re whinning about how bad or tuff the police are, then you’ve probably either been in trouble yourself, family has, or your friends with someone that has. I choose to move here and stay because Stafford is a very safe county. The good news is that if you don’t like the way a particular police agency functions, you can always move out, or maybe just obey the law. People want to feel safe. They want safe neighborhoods, safe schools and safe roads. We have that in Stafford. May God Bless Cheif Jett and his Department.

  • get the facts

    Really people….the “good ol boy network”. If it wasn’t for Ron Knight and Sheriff Smith ,Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t have moved into the 21st Century. People are always going to complain about “profiling” no matter what department it is. There is excellent technology in place because of the two men above, that assist with the “checks and balances” so that things like profiling don’t happen. And if you truly think you have been a victim of such, then report it. As far as Stafford having a higher conviction rate than Spotsy, that has nothing to do with the Sheriff’s Office, that is the Judges and Comm. Attorneys……

  • Mark O.

    You mean Sheriff Jett, who says his deputies can shoot a man in the back of the head as he is entering his home? Yeah, that guy makes me feel real safe.

    As for Sheriff Smith, anytime you have an incumbent quickly prepping someone else for his job, you can pretty much assume that nothing will change in Spotsy.

    You want change, you gotta elect it

  • Lisa G

    Spotsy’s sherriff dept is awesome! Say what you will, I moved from Stafford county because their police dept is a joke! We had equipment stolen from a job site in Stafford. We had witnesses to the crime who identified the culprits (it was another business in Stafford). The Stafford police were called and it has now been 6 years and nothing has EVER been done to get our equipment back or prosecute the people who stole the equipment. Also, my daughter was attending a party at a friends home in Stafford. One visitor became intoxicated and attacked my daughter for no reason. My daughter didn’t even know the person. The Stafford police were called and told my daughter there was nothing they could do because the person was too intoxicated to give a statement! They left and nothing was done! I could go on & on about how Stafford is incompetent! Spotsylvania has addressed every issue I have ever brought to them. They are awesome!

  • charles young

    The Good Ol Boys in Spotsy got to go!