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Saying Goodbye…and Thank You

Today is my last day here at The Free Lance-Star.

Although I am moving on to a new adventure, handing in my FLS badge was bittersweet.


I’ve never worked for a better company in my 12 years of journalism. Believe me when I say the reporters and editors here care about this product and they strive to inform you with quality news. I am honored to have been part of this team.

This industry is facing dire challenges that no one in the business could have imagined 10 years ago. The Internet has changed a lot in this world, including newspapers. But the FLS has survived this trouble better than most newspapers in the country. That doesn’t mean friends haven’t lost their jobs, paychecks haven’t been cut and hours have been chopped. They have. I don’t know a newspaper that hasn’t made these moves.

I leave here one day before  my fourth anniversary.

I hope I served the residents of Spotsylvania County well. I tried my best. I cared about the work I did and always will.

I’m not leaving Fredericksburg and I don’t think I will have to move with this new job, so I will still be around.

To members of the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors, I always admired the professional way you handled your meetings (other than the few times county attorney Jacob Stroman tried to trick me…kidding…not really).

The county employees always were professional with me.

This job isn’t easy, and saying goodbye isn’t either.

I wish you all the best, and thank you for the support.

And to my coworkers, thank you for dealing with me in the ways you all did. You’re all good, special people and I will miss each of you.

-Dan Telvock


  • bhaas

    I do not know if you will see this Dan, but I want you to know that you will be missed. You did a hell of a job for us during your time on the Spotsy beat.

    Best of luck to you in the new job.

  • havingfun

    Thank you for your reporting here and in the paper. I really felt like the blog helped me to stay on top of issues in Spotsy. I hope your replacement is able to keep up! :)
    Good luck in your new job.

  • LarryG

    Dan has set a really high bar for reporting in Spotsylvania and compiled an impressive record of accomplishments that belong to him and will accompany him as he continues his career.

    He should be proud and I feel quite sure in another time and place before the advent of the Internet and it’s debilitating effect on journalism – he would have become an FLS institution.

    Life is not fair and good guys don’t always get all they deserve but Dan deserves the best as he moves on.

    and I’m betting.. that we’ve not seen the last of him!

  • Sam

    I have to say, I think you’ve done a phenominal job with your reporting and keeping folks aware of the issues.

    We’re in a funny era with how the news media is embracing the internet, inspite of the fact it may be it’s historical undoing.

    Yes ,thankfully the FLS survives in our community. You are an owner in that and they should thank you for your active role bringing the news to this blog and to-print!
    Best of luck to you.

  • http://n/a Tim

    I guess this is what happens when someone who wants to trash talk so many others decides to get drunk and beat someone with a flip-flop. Enjoy your new job, wont be missed in Spotsy.

  • Lars

    you are speaking for yourself. Mr. Telvock was the best reporter this county has had in the 22 years I’ve lived here. Not only were his fire and rescue stories very important for our county he also kept everyone on their toes. No man is perfect. he will be missed and it’s disappointing the newspaper let him get away!

  • wizard1073

    Job well done, Dan. I’ll miss the great coverage of what was happening in Spotsy, including the many behind the scenes details. I’ll also miss the many great discussions you hosted through these comment boards. You’ve been a great journalist, blogger, and comment moderator. Best of luck on your new adventure.

  • Local Guy

    I guess Tim must be one of those untrained volunteer firefighters. Or maybe he’s one of the one’s that likes to sexual harass underage girls. Moral of the story…Don’t do stupid stuff and people won’t air your dirty laundry.

  • John Gustafson

    Where did Dan Telvock go? Why did Dan Telvock go?

    I have been subscribing to the Free Lance-Star for over 30 years, and this relationship brings me to ask these questions. When you have been loyal to a print newspaper for so long, I wish the newspaper would give me the courtesy of an explanation when part of the “family” departs. This is especially relevant when the journalist in question is covering a single “local government”, where there is a requirement of public disclosure of everything dealing with conversations, correspondence, and even your private finacial holdings, if you are a representative.

    Did our local paper eliminate this position based on business economics? If so, I can understand this, but this needs to be disclosed anyway. Then again, you have the comments from Tim, and this makes me wonder the “what ifs” of the coverage of the Spotsylvania government. Please inform me, and this request goes out to every citizen, as well as the FLS and the PACs.

  • Fredtastic

    Dan – thanks for all your hard work. I always enjoyed it and found it very enlightening. I hope the FLS will choose to invest in another beat reporter for Spotsy. Its needed and appreciated. Thanks again.

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