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Watchdogs want revenue recovery accounting

In June I wrote this blog about the revenue recovery money the county gets.

County officials estimate they will get $2.4 million from the program this fiscal year.

Of that money, $132,500 each goes to the Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department and the Spotsylvania Volunteer Rescue Squad. Chancellor Volunteer Fire and Rescue gets $195,000.

Horace McCaskill, a member of a local community watchdog political action committee, said he would like the Fire and Rescue Commission to show how the funds are spent. He said there does not appear to be much oversight or management of the money.

He said the commission should consider uniform standards for using the money.

In December 2008, I wrote this story explaining how some of the money was being used.

But there never has been a line-by-line report showing how the money is spent. McCaskill asked the commission to make that information public.


  • LarryG

    I agree with Mr. McCaskill. In Fact, who actually maintains the fund – according to what accounting standards and how often are audits performed?

    2.4 million dollars should pay for 40+ full time employees I would think.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    QUESTION: is Mr. McCaskill running for office or has the Committee of 500 taken over the County’s best business practices? Don’t get me wrong but didn’t Mr. McCaskill and the Committee of 500 just legislate putting County Zoning into the hands of a single person, with no written provisions for oversite other than that of the Committee of 500 and certain members of the BOS? Just asking.

    But I for ONE have no idea who’s calling the shots; the Committee of 500 or Emmitt Marshall?

    Is there not a Fire and Rescue Commission? Where does Mr. McCaskill fit into this equation, or has he delegated this responsibility to Committee of 500 member Fred Messing, who serves on that Commission?

    If the Committee of 500 have politcal agendas and Mr. McCaskill is their messenger as well as Spotsylvania County’s messenger, where does the public fit into THEIR political vision? Is the Committee of 500 an ad hoc component of Spotsylvania County Government? Can we now include them and their members (? number of members?) as official members of County Government
    and if so, are they to be included in the new Spotsy website as a committee, with business minutes and public accountability?

    Dan, you will recall Mr McCaskill had a conversation with Troy Tignor and his uncle, Supv. Marshall, which led the Committe of 500 to endorse the last changes in Zoning protocols in Spotsylvania County. I don’t know anything about this alledged conversation taking place, or what Mr. McCaskillI claims to be a claifying moment of understanding about the term “hardship” as used in zoning parlance when the amendment change was all about giving Troy Tignor more isolated power to push zoning thru the zoning process at lightening speed and without PUBLIC OVERSITE, unless of course, the Committee of 500 now stands in the public’s shoes, without the least bit of accountability or transparency to ALL County citizens.?

    Can we expect to hear from Mr. McCaskill, the Committee of 500 or the BOS when Urban Development raises its ugly head and there’s no one around to ask the hard questions?

    Anyone want to answer Larryg’s question, or do we want to wait until the Committee of 500 reconvenes? After all, Larry did at one time lead the cause and mission of the Committee of 500?

    There’s a disconnect here, on the order of giganic proportions, and I’m wondering just how soon the other shoe is going to hit the floor.

    At this juncture there appears to be a government and similiar rendition of “ALL IN THE FAMILY”

    Dan, aren’t you also a member of this family? You’ll recall defending the Committee of 500 when they were tinkering with the VRE agenda. Anything change since then?

    Just questions. No conspiracy or theories. Just questions. Do they deserve an answer? Yes. But we’ll let the Committee of 500 make that decision for you, as well as our local elected officials.