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Sign war brings response from Spotsy GOP

Spotsylvania Republican Committee member Steve Thomas says there is no “reason anyone should have to take away anyone else’s first amendment rights to exercise their own,” after taking this photograph of a Krystal Ball for Congress sign covering one of her opponent’s signs.

Ball is challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Rob Wittman, and Glenda Gail Parker, an independent Green Party candidate.

Ball campaign spokesman Michael Ford said this is not a political ploy they approved.

“Our volunteers have been given no such instruction to cover Mr. Wittman’s sign,” he said in an e-mail.


  • TPKeller

    Democrats are not particularly known for looking out for your 1st or 2nd Amendment rights.

    Cases in point, Obama is whining to everyone who will listen about the Citizens United case that upheld the First Amendment rights of political speech. And just take a look at how his Supreme Court nominees voted in the Heller and McDonald cases, even after testifying under oath that they supported the Second Amendment.

    This is EXACTLY what you will be getting with a vote for Krystal Ball.

    Make that decision very carefully.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Is Steve Thomas , Spotsylvania Co. REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE member trying to make political fodder or juggling his take on free speech to get the Republican vote out with a digital image that calls for voting for the opposition party? What does the sign, in the picture, BEHIND Krystal Ball’s call to vote say? All I could make out is a blue and white sign with the letter “W” showing at the end.

    Next time Steve takes a picture and wishes to assign blame or invasion of his free speech rights, maybe he should take a picture of the sign behind the offending sign so that we can better appreciate BOTH SIDES of his self righteous indignation.

    If Steve or the Republican party want to whine about where a political sign is located, I suggest checking out whether the other sign is not about another County foreclose in the making or an invitation to buy Wal-mart.

    Credibility is still on market shelves, or must we dig to the back to see what’s second best or stale merchandise? My guess is Steve is trying to make points in a world of hurt, from the cheap seats.

  • SteveThomas

    Marty, the sign behind it is still up- it’s a Wittman sign. There is no alterior motive here (I didn’t even take the picture, Bryce Reeves did and I verified it in person) other than to remind all sides and all campaigns not to infringe the rights of others by stealing signs and covering signs. That is all. Republicans can win clean elections on issues, we do not and should not need to resort to such tactics.


    Steve, please stop your crying. The Republican Party for years has been placing political signs in illegal places (ie, VDOT’s Right of Way, etc). The City of Fredericksburg has basically made it illegal for years to place signs, political or otherwise anywhere other than on private property. I was traveling on Rt 1 is the City near Walker Grant School and observed 10 to 15 Wittman signs in the grass area between the roadway. These signs are clearly illegal. So Steve instead of crying I suggest you start collecting the Republican Party Campaign signs located in illegal places. That task alone should keep you very busy.

  • SteveThomas

    Umm, I’m the Spotsy GOP chairman. We don’t place signs in the City, in Maryland, on Mars or anywhere else that is not Spotsylvania, Mr. “Break”. You seem to want to tear others down, but I would suggest you might better spend that energy working on getting others to vote and exercise their rights instead of trying to defend the actions of some who were clearly trying to take away rights. I want everyone to be engaged and involved in the democratic process.

  • LarryG

    if anyone thinks the first amendment guarantees the right of unlimited and undisclosed campaign donations then you might as well agree that elections can be brought – no matter who the party is or who is buying them.

    I would think that secret campaign money would be opposed on a totally non-partisan basis.

    Money in politics is destroying our government in my view.

    If you want to see just how much money is involved in politics in Va – go to where you will see that millions of dollars are involved.

    We should all advocate for a national version of VPAP where we know where the money is coming from.

    I’d like to see the Republicans make this a major plank in their agenda.

  • SteveThomas

    I agree with you in principle about money in politics Larry, and dirty money did play a part in our local elections here last year. Our State Senator is awash in money from the health care companies he regulates. I’m of two minds personally on the CU case; but in a TV age where it costs money for candidates to get their message out, how do you repair it?

  • LarryG

    Steve – mandatory full and immediate disclosure of all money.

    Much like VPAP works but more timely so that people know when money is moving even at 24 hrs before an election.

    More than anything else – we are going to destroy our democratic form of government if we do not deal with this IMHO.

    I don’t want the COC or the Unions being conduits for money from secret sources.

    I’m not going to say public financing of elections – yet but what’s going on now is destroying our system.

  • SteveThomas

    I’d agree about disclosure Larry. VPAP is our friend!