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Chancellor volunteer criticizes minimum training standards process

Eric Lasky, a paramedic and captain for Chancellor Volunteer Fire and Rescue, criticized the process county officials used to come up with minimum training standards for the combined fire and rescue system of volunteers and paid personnel. I wrote a story about Lasky a few years ago.

Lasky said he was serving on a subcommittee for Chancellor to discuss the minimum training standards and they met once. He said a lot of ideas were passed around and that the meeting was a good one.

Tonight, he sees that the standards are set and approved.

“Where did decision come from?” he asked. He also wanted to know what the next step is in the process.

“In one agency’s opinion, there are still discussions to be had,” he said. “We need to look at these standards further. They are not done.”

Lasky did not state what issues he or Chancellor members have with the minimum standards. You can see those standards here.

County and fire and rescue officials held an open meeting Aug. 28 at Germanna Community College, where they discussed these standards. There were volunteer representatives at the meeting, including Chancellor’s Administrative Chief Kevin Dillard, who also serves on the Fire and Rescue Commission.

These standards are on the agenda to be discussed shortly.


  • kelsey13

    I agree with Lasky. There needs to be more consideration for the non firefighter volunteers in the county. They have large numbers and run the bulk of the county emergency calls. They should discuss the alternatives to these Va. Dept. of Fire Programs classes. There are numerous classes offered by Va. Office of Emergency Services and VAVRS (Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads) that will compare to or supersede these FIRE classes.