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A water collection tank was source of landfill leak

On March 10, a collection tank that stores groundwater that has possibly been in contact with solid waste at the closed Chancellor Landfill overflowed into a tributary of Hazel Run.

The DEQ fined the county for this infraction and you can read about that here.

According to a memo to the Board of Supervisors, “Staff believes the overflow occurred due to high levels of groundwater resulting from the major snowfalls of winter of 2009/2010.”

To prevent future spills, the county increased its monitoring of the tank and documented the findings.

“The tanks are monitored a minimum of once per day to confirm levels, if the tanks are found to be over 2/3rds full the tanks are then pumped and hauled to the wastewater treatment plant.”

Staff says they are working on connecting the collection tanks into the sanitary sewer system, which would eliminate the need to pump and haul the water and reduce the possibility of an overflow.

DEQ originally fined the county $9,000 for the infraction on Aug. 31. County staff met with DEQ and was able to lower the fine to $6,300.