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County seeking residents to serve on panels and committees

The Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors is seeking applicants residing in Spotsylvania County who are interested in serving on various boards and commissions.  Interested applicants should submit the following information:

§  Name

§  Residence Address

§  Phone Number/s

§  Email Address

§  Voting district of residence

§  Resume or biographical information

Applications should be submitted on or before October 15, 2010 to the attention of:  Niki Dickinson, Spotsylvania County Administrator’s Office, P.O. Box 99, Spotsylvania, VA 22553.

You can email information to:, or drop your information off at the Spotsylvania County Administrator’s Office, which is located in the Holbert Building at 9104 Courthouse Road.  If you have questions please call 540-507-7010.

The following County boards and commission have vacancies for persons from the specific districts as identified below:

Board of Building Code Appeals — Berkeley District position (1)

First Impressions Commission – Berkeley, Lee Hill, Salem District positions (3)

Green Government Commission – Berkeley, Livingston Districts (2)

Minority Affairs Committee – Courtland District (1)

Social Services Advisory Board – Lee Hill District (1)

Transportation Advisory Group – Battlefield, Salem Districts (2)


  • SteveThomas

    I would highly recommend folks apply for board and commission seats. It’s so important to be involved with your government and community to have a hand in how it turns out.


    Yes I agree “please respond for these committees and/or commissions if you want to improve the county. However, please leave your “political agenda” outside the door. Some present and past members have been unable to do that.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Good advise, but what does anyone have to contribute to the County when poilitical agendas are on the other side of a closed door? Of all people living in Spotsylvania County for the past 50 years, GIVEMEABREAK2M should know the difference between political agendas and his own.

    Want change? You have to get beyond the first closed door before rubbing noses up against the next closed door. Spotsylvania County is a limited partnership and has nothing to do with public input or contributions.

    I can still remember when the Building Code of Appeals rejected my notion 15 years ago that all was not well in the land of dinosaurs and the landscape hasn’t changed much since then to current time.

    If there’s an opening to Spotsylvania County’s FOCUS GROUP, without minutes, please let me where I can sign up.

  • SteveThomas

    Just as a citizen, man. Everyone should try to get involved in these boards and commissions, everyone. Whether you like it or not, there are (gasp) liberals and conservatives and moderates in our community! They should all have input, it’s all our community.

  • havingfun

    What is the First Impressions Commission?


    Mr. Work just remember that the form of government in the United States is known as a sytem where the “MAJORITY” rules. For years you have been negative towards Spotsylvania County just because you didn’t get your way. Even the Circuit Court Judge ruled against you. Read the writing on the wall Mr. Work, the MAJORITY has ruled. I suspect that you are your own worse enemy. It is a shame that you have decided to take all of your energy and use it in a negative arena. Maybe you and Sara P. could find a place in Alaska to share your stories. I have been told that birds of the same feather folk together.

  • bhaas

    GIVEMEABREAK2M, just what purpose did it serve to introduce Ms. Palin into this very local discussion? Your disagreement with Mr. Work was quite well presented until the last two sentences.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Thanks a lot Bill? But lets be fair. GIVEMEABREAK2M has cited a ruling made against US (Work family) from 2006 to 2010, brought on by the Lee’s Hill Community Association Inc. and the Greens Townhouse Association, Inc. to buy our mortgage down through their strategic litigation strategy over an issue of failed construction to our new home, with the advise and consent of Tommy Y. Welsh and Thomas Sagun, Colony House Builders.

    Simply said, it was intended that we loose EVERY BATTLE, in Spotsylvania County,but something will have to be made of the war that was won, not by the HOAs but by our willingness to show up, just as I have done and recorded with our presentations to the Virginia Commonwealth, Spotsylvania County”s BOS, Code Compliance and its Circuit Court over the past 5 years.

    We’re not the ones left with $170,000 in attorney fees plus 5 years of interest. We’re not left with a home constructed on top of a failing 18″ sewer drain pi[pe and and drainage easement. We’re not the ones who are tasked with the cost of rebuilding what was once our home, on a construction site that currently can not sustain the replacement of construction failures we found within 6 months of moving into our new home and over the Greens’ Townhouse Association’s property just below level to our… now someone elses home.

    Judges Simpson, Mason III and Beck ALL ruled against us. I have the complete record that speaks to this miscarriage, but not so as to its “presumed” lasting effects.

    If GIVEMEABREAK2M represents the MAJORITY of Spotsylvania citizens as it relates to my participation in County government over the past 15 years, maybe he should consider acknowledging that he hasn’t provided the recorded details that would sustain his notion that we lost anything.

    My energy continues to be well spent on matters GIVEMEABREAK would have buried in Spotsylvania County’s back yard. Has the term “NEGATIVE” now become the banner for asking questions, when the answer comes too close to the TRUTH.

    If this is the story GIVEMEABREAK2M feels most comfortable with, without the devil, details or the fine print, then let him make his case to all our viewers and blogging partners.

    Maybe one day, GIVEMEABREAK2M will tell us how asking questions of Spotsylvania County officials and elected officials, and getting no answers back from them or their partners constitutes a NEGATIVE.

    Were we to see through GIVEMEABREAK2M’s eyes, over the past 50 years, what should we think he has to offer the citizens of Spotsylvania County within terms and parameters of a MAJORITY VOTE?

    In our system of government, one or any number you care to bring to the table, with even a minority view, can be heard, and the MAJORITY, by many historical accounts, doesn’t always WIN, unles by dictatorship or through bully tactics .

    GIVEMEABREAK2M is all about human nature, with all its imperfections. But, were he not at this blog site, with his banner raised on high, WE wouldn’t be able to make important choices and alternative ways in finding solutions instead of having to graze on the same old rhetoric and having to listen for the next cattle call.

    We are all better off knowing who the enemy is or is not.

    BILL….GIVEMEABREAK2M and I are not having a disagreement. We are swimply debating his version of what being American is all about. I’m still standing, so what, if anything, have I lost in the translation?

    He’s left with conjecture and I have the publishing rights.

  • bhaas


    That’s all fine and good, but there was no reason to interject the Palin comment in her/his critique of you in a completely local issue.. That ruling against you had NOTHING to do with Ms. Palin or any other national politician. I am sick and tired of this “hate” nonsense emanating from the national political scene that gets interjected at every possible opportunity; including local issues.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    BILL: simple fact of the matter is, GIVEMEABREAK2M maintains a high level of anger born out of his 50 years worth of being right all the time, whether it’s the right thing to do or not. As to local agendas, current circumstances and willingness to obfruscate the truth and reality, for a larger piece of the pie, GIVEMEABREAK2M is just another one of those “citizens” who meet behind closed doors and spell out how he wants things done.

    His postured positions and means of retaliation are common place not only in Spotsylvania County and its county and elected officials, but the nation as a whole. There is nothing wrong with GIVEMEABREAK2M representing a small group of the County’s MAJORITY and confirms who and what that majority is, in Spotsylvania County or the Commonwealth.

    GIVEMEABREAK2M is just one the County icons who RULE over their subjects from behind closed doors, while the County’s Citizen Majority sits back waiting for the next shoe to drop.

    When ONE sits on their throne telling the rest of us what is and what will not be, speaks only to another kind of majority that uses red herrings to keep his subjects off the trail and left guessing where their next piece of the pie will be found, if at all.

    Since I have no labels or politics stamped on my forehead, GIVEMEABREAK2M’s anger and hate sounds almost despertate, when he has to draw analogies that speak volumes on how credible he is and to what lengths he will go to satisfy his insatiable appetite for whatever it takes for him to WIN.

    I haven’t been negative toward Spotsylvania County. I just ask questions looking for answers, much like any citizen’s right to have TRANSPARENT AND ACCOUNTABLE government, just about anywhere on this planet. I’m not on a quest or crusade. Just looking for answers on what constitutes a MAJORITY in Spotsylvania County and where I fit into the County’s landscape, LIKE ANY OTHER MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC, if for no other reason but to be comfortable with what I’M ALLOWED to KNOW and SHOULD KNOW, were it not for so many different kinds of MAJORITIES that claim to have all the answers, but for some reason, can’t bring themselves to the podium to speak of the whole truth, even if it’s out of both sides of their mouth.

    AND, his majesty, GIVEMEABREAK2M, can preside over all things within HIS State and Local jurisdiction. From my perspective, sitting in the audience and not asking hard questions would be tanatmount to voting my conscience by PROXY and getting nothing back in return for warming my favorite seat, front row center.

    The funny thing about asking questions you already know the answer to, is the look on their faces as they rise from the table, shout out how unfair the question is and storm out of the room without answering the question, but also knowing what the answer is. Put that under oath and see what you get when the dust settles. Either by admission or ommission, ones silence is not the answer. So, who’s next and wants to play their hate and righteous anger CARD?

  • bhaas

    Marty- — Your discourse on this person; while perhaps revealing, does not change my opinion that the interjection of and comparison to, a National political personality was entirely unnecessary and inappropriate on this forum. In fact, in my view it was “cheap shot.” I also believe that a lack of a response to my original question proves my point decisively.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    BILL: while GIVEMEABREAK2M’s remarks were unnecessary and inappropriate, they do demonstrate what he BELIEVES to be democracy, American and Rule by MAJORITY. Simply said, the answer to YOUR question belongs exclusively with GIVEMEABREAK2M. Think you’ll get and answer? Don’t think so.

    While his remarks rose to the level of a “cheap shot” that’s who and what GIVEMEABREAK2M is. No higher, no lower. As you well know, I don’t intend to lower or raise myself to that level, even with an engraved invitation. That’s something he’ll have to work out by himself and with the FRIENDS that make up his MAJORITY.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    It’s late and all I’m doing is checking in to see if there are anymore takers. From the looks of it and this particular site, I’ll presume we have come to the end of yet another long day in the sunshine.

  • mustang2

    Agree with Bhaas but actually I do love it when useful idiots reveal their pathologies and interject their bizarre, irrational hatreds of people like Governor Palin. It discredits them although they believe it does not so the joke is definitely on them. It simply demonstrates how fearful they are of Ms. Palin. I can see November from my house.

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  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Mustang2: thanks for putting in a good word for Bill. He’s the best conscience anyone could ever have.

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