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Bill Vakos reveals development plans during chat

If you missed it, local developer Bill Vakos was a guest on “community chat” for the website. You can read the Q&A here.

There were several questions that I wanted to highlight here.

Question: (from ED in Ladysmith) — Do you see your company creating other developments like the Spotsy Courthouse Village in the Fredericksburg area?

Bill Vakos’s answer: — Probably not just like the Village, but we have concepts for other mixed use communities/components for our lands at exit 126 and 118

Both of these areas Mr. Vakos mentions could be included in the Urban Development Area zones that the Board of Supervisors is in the process of creating. Exit 126 is entering into the Massaponax area and Exit 118 brings you into Thornburg.

U.S. 1 heading south to Thornburg could change quite a bit in the next decade if Vakos proposes a mixed-use project in that area and Luck Stone Partners succeeds with getting approval for its mixed-use project Ni Village across from Massaponax High School.

Question: (from TS in Spotsylvania) — Have you thought of using any of your land for a large stadium complex to house concerts and sports events.

Bill Vakos’s answer: — which location? We are looking into larger concert/event venues at the Courthouse as part of the future developed areas.

Question: (from DR in Spotsy) — Does Vakos have other local development projects other than Southpoint and Courthouse Village “in the pipeline”? If so what are they and where? Do you have any thoughts about what the new growth areas of our region will be?

Bill Vakos’s answer: — We are currently working on projects in downtown Richmond, the City of Chesapeake and Prince George’s County, Maryland along with the three here in Spotsy. New growth in our area will be infill in the existing projects currently underway, in some form or fashion.


Question: (from ss in Spotsylvania) — Have you ever thought of trying to get Krogers to come into Spotsylvania County?

Bill Vakos’s answer: — Yes, we have. My wife loves their stores. Good idea.

Just a small snapshot of possibilities from a local developer.


  • LarryG

    that’s it? geeze . no questions about the project near the courthouse?

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Of course NOT. The hard questions are sequestered, for fear of embarrassing Mr. VAKOS and the County’s elected officials, and for want of not being found out. Maybe you should be allowed to attend more County FOCUS GROUP meetings, without minutes, so you can better understand DEVELOPMENT/PLANNING strategies and agendas. Dan Telvock and the FLS do not practice “watchdog journalism” Why do you think their reporting guidlines never rise above a “script” or floor show for those in the know, but can’t stand the thought for anyone else to knowing, except those who meet on the Counties dime, behind closed doors that are now located on Mr. VAKOS’ property in Court House Square.

    The FLS can’t and will not be allowed to get beyond the front door, leading to the County’s FOCUS GROUP meeting with the construction, engineering, development communities and selected members of the County’s Planning Dept. AND Planning Commissioners.

    Or, maybe you should think of this dialogue as nothing more than a rumor, or better still, just another conspiracy theory. Before passing judgement, you may want to take a second look at your own BLOG dialogue over the past three years.

  • SpotsyBoy

    LarryG & Marty, obviously you guys didn’t follow the link and read the ENTIRE q&a. If you had, you’d see that Mr. Vakos answered a bunch of questions about the Courthouse village during his chat yesterday.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    I followed the link to “Community Chat” and read their transcript, as well as Bill Freehlings take on the interview. I haven’t changed my conclusion that the Q&A was tantamount to what can only be described as “polite conversation.” The hard questions have been religated to “no man’s land” and buried somewhere in Court House Village and close to where the BOS meet to plan and estabilish THEIR vision of a small town, with tax payer money, by way of selling more GO-BONDS to underwrite this vision.

    One day I hope SpotsyBoy will let us in on what “BUNCH” means and how many “hard questions” there are, in a BUNCH. Since the Court House Project was identified as a possible/probably version of an URBAN DEVELOPMENT AREA, I’m sure there is a lot more conversation to be had in the near future, on this subject and issues that will predictably come to light over the next 5-10 years.

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