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Fire and Rescue training work session underway

County Administrator told a roundtable of paid and volunteer firefighters that now is the time to change the culture and attitude of the county’s combined fire and rescue system.

“Make no mistake: We are doing it. We’ve got to move toward minimum training requirements because it is the right thing to do,” Barnes said today during a training work session at Germanna Community College.

Barnes called the meeting in wake of a Feb. 5 fatal fire. Sandy Hill died from inhaling smoke while she was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher providing directions of her location. When firefighters found her it was too late. They were able to save a teenager from the house.

Since that fire, an internal and external report strongly criticized the response to the incident.

Barnes called the training work session to set minimum training standards. The meeting started at 9 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m.

A full story will run in Sunday’s paper.


  • Spotsy Volunteer

    The article in todays paper is not accurate. There are different requirements for Captains and Chiefs. They are not the same requirements. You also only mentioned Volunteer Chiefs. These requirements are for both Career and Volunteer, universal across the board. Spotsylvania is going to have a break down of the requirements on their website tomorrow. Might want to look at that and make it more clear for the public. Instead it looks like only Volunteer Chiefs have requirements and nobody else.

  • poppy

    actually per the presentation (can be found at to increase your knowledge…. captains are split , some within command level ops, and some at the company level. So the paper is not entirely wrong

    1.some Captains-chiefs
    2. sgts, Lts, -some captains
    3. technicians(driver operators)
    4. firefighters

  • Volunteer

    Captains only have to meet the requirements of a Company Level Officer. The only reason a Captain is listed under Command staff is in case they want to assist with filling in as the On Duty Chief or Battalion Chief. There are times that Chiefs are gone and they have Captain fill in. That is the only reason they would be required to meet the Command Staff requirement. It was just poorly listed on the Free Lance Star. It doesn’t even list requirements for Comapny Level Officers, Driver/Operators, EMT’s, etc.

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