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County workers moving back to Courthouse area

The Spotsylvania County Community Development and Social Services departments are returning to the courthouse area tomorrow.

The new address for these departments is 9019 Old Battlefield Boulevard, Spotsylvania, VA 22553. This building will replace the current rented space in Capital One, where about 150 county employees work.

W.J. Vakos constructed this building in less than a year from the time supervisors came out of a closed meeting and approved the deal in August 2009.

The departments will be located in the new building which faces the Merchant Square Pavilion at the Spotsylvania Courthouse Village. This complex is located at Brock Road and the Spotsylvania Courthouse Bypass (Rt. 208).

The phone numbers for these departments will remain the same.

Community Development offices (which include these functions: Building, Chesapeake Bay/Storm Water Management, Code Compliance, Economic Development, Environmental Engineering, Permit Center, Planning, Tourism, and Zoning) will be closed on tomorrow and offices in the Department of Social Services will be closed tomorrow and Monday.

The county will lease 36,000 square feet at $15 a square foot. It has an option within five years to purchase the building at $200 a square foot or about $11 million. On the first floor will be commercial space and offices. The red-brick building purposely resembles the historic Princess Anne Hotel in Fredericksburg.

Community services gets free rent for a year. The state pays 40 percent of social services rent. You can read more about the deal for this building here.


  • Bob

    Hi Dan, any updates on how wonderfully succesful this move was? Everyone smoothly moved in and satisfied, everything functioning seamlessly?

  • Sam

    Who was the genius in the County Government that said “lets move Social Services away from the corridor served by public transportation!”

  • dobreshunka

    Dan, $11 million for office space of 36,000 sq feet sounds very, very high to me.

    If they buy it after five years, will that mean they have spent $75 per sq foot of leased space on top of $200 a sq foot for office space for a total of $275 per square foot?

    There is not way office space is that expensive. Not in this day and age.

  • dtelvock

    The entire building is more like 57,000 sq ft. The county is only using 37,000 of it now

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