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Spotsylvania Treasurer Larry Pritchett Speaks Out About State Spending

County Treasurer Larry Pritchett and the Treasurers’ Association of Virginia wants the state to stop paying a private firm to collect taxes.

According to Old Dominion Watchdog, the Association says Virginia pays a private firm too much for tax collections. The members say this work can be done in-state.

In fiscal year 2009, CGI collected just 15 percent of the delinquent taxes it was assigned by the state and retained nearly one-third of the collections for payment. Out of $237 million in unpaid taxes, the global company collected $37 million and held onto $11.5 million.

Hanover County Treasurer Scott Miller said treasurers, who are Constitutional officers, can help the state get a better return on the investment.

Pritchett agreed:

In the wake of falling state revenues, the state should be paying Virginia’s 128 localities, and not CGI, to collect taxes, says Spotsylvania County Treasurer Larry Pritchett.

“The state works very hard at collecting it, but they’ve reached a point where they don’t have the staff to collect it, either,” Pritchett said. “We feel very strongly that we can be a partner and help the state collect these outstanding taxes. They just need to give us the opportunity.”

That opportunity could be beginning next month, when tax officials plan to meet with treasurers to discuss doing another pilot. Richard Dotson, assistant commissioner of compliance, says he wants more data showing such a partnership would be as beneficial as the treasurers say.

Old Dominion Watchdog


  • Martin (Marty) Work

    If the “collection of taxes” was recently found to be unconstitutentional, how would you have local governments respond to getting taxing AUTHORITY and the collection of taxes, into the hands of LOCAL LEADERS and have the power to do so, by consent of the General Assembly making it constitutuional.

    If it were me, I’d start with “the PROCESS” of collections first and then move along with the legislation currently making the rounds in the General assembly to empower counties, local governments and LOCAL LEADERS with the power of taxation and tax collections of/from their County constituents.

    Thus, the eliminiation of having “PUBLIC HEARINGS” and public involvement would be put to rest and WE would no longer have to show up, since our elected leaders would have the power of the STATE to conduct business for the STATE, but with local economies, local government’s special interest GROUPS, and FAMPO’s landuse and transportation agendas.

    Just think, all it takes is one penny to produce $1.2M in tax, or just two pennies more to cover the past, and current revenues
    needed to pay for the Counties DEBT SERVICE liabilities, PLUS the distribution of $2.5M GO-BONDS to expand the County’s water/sewer system all the to a soccer field that may or may not be built over the next 10 to 15 years at the outer limits of the Lee’s Hill District, Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Makes all the sense in the world, doesn’t it?

    Since NEW POST and Mallard Landing (TRICORD) are now on board, how long will it take for Summit Crossing to be brought back to life? Urban Development Areas in Spotsylvania County appear to be nothing more than foregone conclusions that can and will be funded by the taxed population of Sppotsylvania County. But, what do I know?