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Who is watching the Fire and Rescue Commission?

The Fire and Rescue Commission is being televised right now for the first time. At least 100 people–mostly volunteers–are present in the Holbert Building.

The new commission, expanded from five voting members to nine members, is meeting for the first time.

Who is watching?

Some good news: Spotsylvania Volunteer Rescue Squad received a $40,000 grant and will buy some new equipment, including new lifepacks, for it crews, according to Captain Wanda Garnder.

Some not so good news: Deputy Fire Chief Nick Caputo, who is retiring soon, said there are at least 2,000 fire reports that have not been completed, which could put the county at legal risk if any of these incidents were to go to court for insurance purposes or any other legal matter. This was a problem with the fatal fire on Feb. 5. Most of the required paperwork was never completed for that incident.

County Administrator Doug Barnes outlined new training goals he wants to discuss during an Aug. 28 planning session. I will have the full story on that in tomorrow’s paper.

Each of the representatives of the county’s three volunteer agencies expressed support of Barnes’ plan and said they are committed to improving the combined fire and rescue system with him.

They just adjourned.


  • bhaas

    The new Commission just concluded their first meeting. I, for one, am satisfied with the actions of Mr. Barnes et al. It is time for the citizens, like me, to stand back and give the F&EMS service members the opportunity to adjust and move forward in their very difficult and challenging jobs.

    BTW, congrats to Dan on his fine reporting here.

  • Dan Telvock

    I was on such a tight deadline I did not get to meet any of the new members. I have all of their resumes and will try posting them tomorrow on my blog.

  • Sam

    I DVR’d it I will watch tomorrow. 2000 unfiled reports. hmmmm betcha everyone responsible gets sudden miraculous instant recall of those incidents. Hope the insurances companies don’t read blogs or watch the new transparent government. LOL

  • Lookin

    You are right Sam! Dan must say it is nice to finally get someone who acts like a reporter and gets to the bottom of the issues and stays with them! You get a lot of things thrown at you to push you away from the real story, but you don’t buy all of the talk. Thanks again for keeping the citizens up to date, and being a good reporter. (I hope you don’t forget us little people when you go big). Again thanks for keeping up with this it is a LOOOONG over due story. I am sure there is plenty more.

  • LarryG

    Will the meeting be re-broadcast (I hope).. I had a conflict.

  • ramshead89

    almost makes me wish I had cable.

  • ramshead89

    any chance they will put it on Hulu?

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    You should be able to find the recorded version at your local library in the next couple weeks.

  • ramshead89

    not my local library…

  • LarryG

    Chesterfield …video-streams their meetings on the Internet so you can see the meetings live from anywhere and then they also archive them so that you can pull them up later.

    They even provide a search function.

    Spotsylvania should do this.. not contemplate it… but do it.

    I’m sure Marty would fully support doing it for the “Focus” meetings, eh?

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    You betcha!! But what about last Sunday’s meeting featuring Doug Barnes as the Committee of 500′s speaker.
    The FLS put the invitation smack dab in the middle of their “Letters to the Editor”

    Who covered that meeting, what was said and who showed up? There was a question and answer period set aside to take questions from the audience. Anyone ask any hard questions? How about you Larry? Anything you can share with us that the PUBLIC missed out on, who couldn’t make the meeting, or is that something religated to FOCUS GROUPS, who conduct business for the public from behind closed doors?

    How much do you think it’s going to cost County tax payers to construct a water/sewer system to the property line of a sports complex, so that development can add on, by right, to every other subdivision tie-in from Rt1, down Rt 17 and past the intersection of Rts 2 and 17. How much do you think it’s going to cost tax payers to contract and construct the roadways and infrastructure to accommodate the traffic
    congestion generated by the County’s new train station, high density housing and a sports complex that Supv Skinner claims will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue, that no one else in the County can attest to or account for, beyond a guess.

    Larry, maybe you know where these numbers can be found for public consumption BEFORE the county signed on to THEIR performance agreement with leaders in the sporting arena, without one word to the public for 2 YEARS, to develop the NEW POST property that TRICORD trid to sell to the County years ago and failed, because they were found out years ago by one very angry Board Supervisor who asked just three hard questions and Tricord didn’t have the answers about where the money was going to come from.

    Why don’t you let everyone know that NEW POST and SUMMIT CROSSING projects, though rejected by the BOS, have been identified by the County Planning Commission as URBAN DEVELOPMENT AREAS can, by-right, be built out with thousands of high density housing districts and ZONING authorities will NOW tell the PUBLIC they have no say in what is or can be constructed next door to them.

    What is it about the Mallard Landing project on Rt 2 that we missed out on. Try having an intelligent conversation with homeowners who’s properties are adjacent to and butt against the Mallard Landing project and the advent of affordable housing in that housing district.

    Larry, instead of trying to make fun of my intentions to have more transparency and accountability in government, why don’t you take a closer look at your rhetotic and tell US just how close you think WE are to the truth, and what, if anything, should the public do to become more informed and involved in their government that continues to conduct their business from behind closed doors.

    Why don’t you tell us the County’s “FOCUS GROUP”, without minutes, is just a rumor, or a figment of our imagination. Read the record Larry. NO ONE has come out and said the County’s FOCUS GROUP, without minutes, does not exist. I’ve even supplied you with a roster of the members to this group and if anyone cares to question their existence, why don’t you look a little closer at the County’s Planning Commission meeting minutes.

    Tell us that members of the public, without special interest, are allowed to attend these meetings. It’s not that I mind being turned down flat on two separate occassions to attend these meetings, but the FLS is also denied admittance and the public doesn’t have a clue, beyond a closed door, what kind of business their government is conducting, in their behalf, with the benefactors and beneficiaries of special interest groups who are allowed access to tax payer’s money WITHOUT ACCOUNTABILITY to those being governed. Put that into a sewer/drain pipe and see how much it’s going to cost the rest of us.

    What Larry, do you have to offer, to say this ain’t so, without contradicting your own previous BLOG conclusions?

    We can never have too little information, if WE are going to be called on to make informed decisions. Try making fun of that.