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Breaking News: Fire and Rescue Commission meetings will be televised

Breaking news here: County Administrator Doug Barnes has informed county supervisors that all quarterly Fire and Rescue Commission meetings will be televised, if held in the county board room in the Holbert Building.

Of course, these meetings have never been televised before.

Look out for a story on Monday explaining why Barnes decided to have the meetings televised and what Supervisor Benjamin Pitts thinks about it.

It will cost $200 to televise each meeting if it is under two hours long, in case you were wondering.


  • bhaas

    This represents a major step towards transparency in the F&EMS service. Thanks to Mr. Barnes.

  • dtelvock

    It also means you can sip your bourbon and watch it, paps. :)~

  • bhaas

    Ahhh…that would be a “wee dram of scotch” my laddie.

  • LarryG

    Alright .. where are the Barnes complainers? Looks like Barnes is making his critics look silly, eh?

    Yeah.. I know.. he’s ugly, got bad breath and bad teeth.. probably… all the bad things…

    but I gotta say… he’s got more chutzpa that all those other guys.

    Congrats to Mr. Barnes and keep up getting up…

    The county needs to seriously look into live video streaming of it’s meetings.

    It would help folks like gramps that go off and vacation to keep up …..

    and others with insomnia… at 3 a.m. could just fire up the video archives .. ..

    and if you know what part of the meeting you want to see.. just move the cursor and skip over the blather to the “good stuff”.

  • bhaas

    Larry is right and having been one of those “critics,” I must admit that Mr. Barnes’ recent actions in the F&EMS issue have greatly impressed me.

    In my appreciation of the CA’s efforts I am enjoying “eating crow” along with my “wee dram.” It really is not that bad.

  • Sam

    Saaaay… when did technology and Spotsy collide???

    Ok, I’d say he’s doing a good job, seems to be doing the better things.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Excellent move on the part of Barnes on opening some doors that have otherwise been closed to the public.

    First impressions are always a valued sense of moving in the right direction, but there is more work to be done and it’s going to be up to Spotsylvania Counties elected officials to open more doors to the public, if for no other reason than to allow citizens to sit at he table and be allowed to make INFORMED DECISIONS.

    This is a good start, but WE need more than a County Administrator to embrace what transparency and accountability in LOCAL government should be.

    Let’s not let this be a one man show but a signing of public involvement, in public affairs, and a very real part of making the hard decisions that have been delegated away and voted on by proxy, without any real idea what’s going on in the daily conduct of business in Spotsylvania County.

    Doug, keep that starting gun handy. There are a lot more races to be run and you, of all people, know that better than most. Thanks

  • bhaas

    baby steps, Marty, baby steps.

  • Martin (Marty) Work

    Instead off crawling along or taking baby steps that took us 10 years to get to, how can anyone NOT WANT their elected officials to WALK-the-WALK for the very first time in a long line of making poor business decisions for its citizens.

    How many more EXCUSES can be made to the public, for want of being found out, as in present circumstances, that have been long overdue for decades?

    It’s not as if WE are putting the rush on our elected officials to make informed decisions they chose not to make for years. This IS NOT the only issue brewing in the back ground, with transparency and accountability being the main ingredients for CHANGE. Let’s stop knocking on the door and gain entry to how local government conducts OUR business from behind closed doors.

    Baby steps can only put US to sleep AGAIN as our limited retention span moves on to more obfuscation delivered by our elected officials and THEIR business agendas.

    Simply said, let’s stop making excuses and lying to ourselves about matters best defined as “best business practices”, not second best.